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Creative and innovative are the prizewinning objects of the metal construction award 2015.

Every year the professional magazine ‘M&T-metal works’ awards successful references in the following categories:

- Windows, facades, winter garden

- Metal design

- Doors, gates, fire protection

- Steel constructions

- Staircases and balustrades

- Special designs


Last Friday this year’s awards have been committed in the frame of the metal works congress in Würzburg. One of Thiele Glas references also ranked among the winners of objects: the thermal spa-Hotel Victory in Erding. The great and unique balconies in form of a ship’s bow convinced the renowned jury.


‘The balconies with the award-winning balustrades offer guests a view that is equivalent to a ship’s bow and appears very transparent. They confirm in a remarkable manner the Maritime character of the hotel and correspond exactly to the ideas of the customer. The well elaborated construction and the very flexible and neat technical workmanship fulfill in an excellent way the criteria of the competition.’


The glass of the balustrades consists of heat-strengthened laminated safety glass <link 308 _blank internal-link "Opens internal link in current window">TG-PROTECT®-TVG</link>. All of the 384 mounted glass panes with dimensions up to 1618 x 1031 mm are template models. The entire glass surface is approximately 502 square meters.


Designed, constructed, produced and installed were the balconies by the Hammer Stahl Manufaktur e.K: As a design feature of the very transparent-looking balustrades counts the extension of the balcony surface. Flowing forms were established by the outer inclined panes and the slightly increased railings towards the building. The construction has been optimized statically and constructively several times.


But that’s not all: Additional award for Solarlux!


Flexible system design, reliable technology, easy smooth transition – all that convinced the Jury of the German Design Award to prize the sliding windows cero of Solarlux in the category ‘building and elements’. According to the Lower Saxon manufacturer Solarlux, it defines the relation of the human to his surrounding, gives expression to cultural values and unites these with modern aesthetic. This criterion was decisive for the Jury’s decision, too.


The individual elements of the sliding system can reach a size up to 4 x 6 meters and a maximum weight of 1000 kilogram. Due to the size and transparency cero counts as intermediary between interior and exterior areas. Especially the aesthetic provided by cero, presents opportunities for the realization of freshly architectural and creative approaches now and thus testifies to high building cultural value.

We congratulate the Hammer Stahl-Manufaktur e.K. and Solarlux to their awards!


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