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Type statics allow faster installation of TG-STEP

The institute glassfaktor in Dresden has tested the stability of TG-STEP in extensive studies. As a result, the Landesgewerbeamt Bayern (Trade Supervisory Office Bavaria) for TG-STEP confirmed the structural standards (validity: until 31.1.2022).

Thus the computational structural evidence for our walk-on glass is available in addition to the General Appraisal Certificate. Due to this the time and cost intensive static itemization for every installation situation is no longer necessary for the analyzed types.

The basis for the validity of is a 4-sided continuous linear support with maximum dimensions of 2,100 x 2,200 mm or 3,000 x 1,600 mm (for the construction of 8 mm TVG / 1.52 mm PVB / 15 mm SPG / 1.52 mm PVB / 15 mm SPG).