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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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Architects' and planners' day 2016

Lots of innovation, enthusiasm and exchange at our architects' and planners' day.

"glass meets architecture" in the next round: Following the successful launch of the event series and a great response from architects and planners, renowned specialist speakers once again presented themselves to an exclusive audience in Wermsdorf (Germany) in 2016. In one of the world's most modern safety glass plants, Thiele Glas and its guests provided visitors with theoretical principles, practical examples and references as well as impressive impressions of the operation of a flat glass refiner. More than 30 architects and planners experienced the building material glass up close, embedded in an agenda covering all aspects of glass architecture, energy efficiency, functional design and excess lengths.

The participants benefited from a varied programme:

  • Structural glass construction (Ingo Stelzer from Kuraray)
  • DIN 18008 in use (Mario Schandelle, Tobias Kaiser von Pauli + Sohn)
  • Raised facades (Bernhard Klug from Burckhardt Metall Glas)
  • Building integrated photovoltaics (Petra Schmigalle from solarnova)
  • XXXL possibilities (Andreas Bittis from Saint-Gobain and Jan Evers from Thiele Glas)

To round off the day, Tobias Brion and Stefan Zimmerling from Thiele Glas gave an insight into production during a tour of the factory with exciting live impressions of glass stress tests. The participants and speakers left the premises of the Thiele Glas Group's largest production site in Wermsdorf, Saxony, visibly thrilled. With great anticipation and a firm resolve to see each other again, all participants took home with them a great deal of expertise and impressive impressions for the evening.