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TG-PRINTdigital - ceramic digital printing on glass


Digital printing is a printing technology which opens up additional possibilities for customised creative design as well as new areas of application for flat glass. Irrespective  of the size of the pane (up to 18 m) and the quantity needed, the printing process can be adapted to your specific requirements. Digital printing can be applied to almost all types of glass. A thermal process leads to a permanent bonding  of the enamel to the glass. Therefore the glass is mostly weather resistant.

We can transfer your ideas on glass – be creative!

Be inspired by the design catalog of our machine manufacturer DipTech. They offer a selection of possible motifs and application areas. Please note that with the ceramic printing process, not all originals can be produced as shown. We would be pleased to check individually and free of charge whether the chosen motif can be produced by us according to your wishes and ideas.

Reference pictures © Badrutt, © Dirk Wilhelmy Fotografie, © Stadt Kamp-Lintfort,  © Gerhard Hagen Fotographie, © Thiele Glas, © DipTech, © Matjaz Boncina, © Fotostudio SX Heuser, © Thomas Franke, © Hirt Metallbau AG


Technical information

Type of glass:TG-ESG®, TG-TVG®, TG-ESG®-H
Glass thickness:3 - 19 mm
Maximum pane size:3,210 mm × 18,000 mm
Minimum pane size:100 mm × 280 mm (smaller on request)
Maximum sheet weight:2800 kg
Maximum print resolution:up to 720 dpi (up to submission)
Printing ink:ceramic enamel
Colours:6 basic colours
File type (for delivery of your image):all standard graphics formats such as PDF, PS, EPS, TIFF, BMP and JPEG

(More technical information, installation instructions, care instructions and FAQ`s are available in "download")


  • suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • mostly weather resistant
  • extensive range of colours and effects
  • print size up to 3.21 m x 18 m
  • multi-layer printing is possible
  • all printing inks are free of heavy metals
  • multi-layer printing is possible
  • enhanced print quality
  • all inks are free of heavy metal
  • facades
  • display windows
  • walk-on glass surfaces
  • partitions
  • workplates
  • kitchen back panels
  • furniture made of glass
  • other customized solutions to customer request
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