Let your imagination of our design products run free with the interaction between modern technic, brilliant colour and sparkling aesthetic.

TG-LACK - surface coating for highest demands


Through the use of colour, interesting accents can be set and representative designs created. When coupled with a safety glass coating, a safe and decorative flat glass product is achieved. Whether glass for display cases, rear panels, furnitures fronts, shelves, or glass for light fixtures, the coating gives a unique appearance and achieves extraordinary effects. „Feel good rooms“ can be made to feel even more comfortable.

TG-LACK can be used in the complete range of colors according to RAL, NCS and Sikkens. Whether if shiny or opaque, it confers an individuel appearance and extraordinay effects on each application. Our lacquered glass is used in many different areas of application. Whether in the office or the home, lacquered glass blends in and lends a touch of individuality - exactly the way you want it.

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Technical information

Colours: light ivory, pure white, zinc yellow, signal yellow, signal orange, signal violet, orient red, pure orange, sky blue, signal blue, slate gray, choclate brown, jet black, traffic white, light grey, window grey, silver grey, white aluminium, emerald green, pastel green


  • maximum dimensions of lacquered glass: 1,800 × 6,000 mm (larger sizes on request)
  • suitable for indoor areas, wetrooms and outdoor areas
  • lacquered glass also available as TG-ESG® and TG-PROTECT®   
  • range of colours according to RAL, NCS, SIKKENS
  • metallic paints, pearlescent and fluorescent colours possible
  • kitchen real panels
  • doors
  • ishelves for furniture
  • work surfaces
  • wall panelling
  • furniture fronts
  • glass showers
  • kitchen worktops
  • glass tiles
  • and much more ...
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