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TG-PRINT und TG-EMAILLE - perfect design technology for glass


Flate glass becomes a design object thanks to screen printing and enamelling. Different décors and a broad range of colours enable the creation of attractive glass designs for both inside and outside.
In TG-PRINT and TG-EMAILLE processes, ceramic colours are applied to the glass using screen or rotary printing technology, which are burned in the glass during further processing to produce TG-TVG®, TG-ESG® or TG-ESG®-H. This extremely robust coating is highly scratch-resistant and weather-proof.

At Thiele Glas, customers can choose from a huge range of standard ornaments and colours to create their individual combinations, achieving fascinating colour effects for their specific project.
In addition, bespoke screens can be made up upon customer request, which offers customers total design freedom.

Reference pictures © Thiele Glas, © fotostudio Thilo Jäckel, ©, © Eberhard Franke


Technical information

Sizes:from 50 x 200 mm to 2,550 x 6,000 mm
Glass thickness:3-19 mm
colour:ceramic enamel
uses:Multiple interior and exterior applications

(More technical information, installation instructions and care instructions are available on request.)


  • durable, long-lasting ceramic colour
  • high ultraviolet resistant
  • metallic effects available  (only TG-PRINT)
  • full surface colour coverage with high opacity is possible with TG-EMAILLE
  • multiple-pass printing available
  • high scratch resistance
  • anti-slip decor possible (TG-STEP)
  • large format printing up to 2.55 x 6 m
  • facades
  • display windows
  • walk-on glass surfaces
  • elevators
  • partitions
  • backsplashes
  • doors
  • custom solutions on request
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