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TG-TOPbase- Glass worktops and back panels


TG-TOP is synonymous with high-quality glass solutions for the kitchen and living area and is ideally suited for example for worktops, back panels, kitchen fronts and windowsills made from glass.Customised specifically to the client’s wishes, TG-TOP can be transparent, translucent or opaque coloured.

Advantages of TG-TOP: hygienic, easy to clean and sturdy. As a thermally pre-stressed glass, it exhibits superior temperature, impact and shock resistance. Even large-format worktops up to 6,000 mm are possible – and even larger worktops are available upon request.

Reference pictures © Thiele Glas

Technical information for TG-TOP base

Glass / total thickness: 10/from 30 mm
Description: Mmultiplex carrier sheet, painted clear
Edge types: edge(s) with stainless steel or aluminium decoration

Technical information for TG-TOP base lite

Glass / total thickness: 10/from 30 mm
Description: particle board carrier sheet, white 10, 12 or 16 mm
Edge types: edge(s) with aluminium decoration



    • superior thermal and mechanical resistance
    • flawless, sophisticated look
    • exclusive technology
    • hygienic and easy to clean
    • can be supplied up to 6,000 mm (larger on request)
      • kitchen worktops
      • kitchen back panels
      • kitchen fronts
      • windowsills
      • tables, furniture, shelfs