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TG-PROTECT®color – colored laminated safety glass


TG-PROTECT®color consists of two or more sheets of glass laminated together using one or more extremely tear-resistant, toned polyvinyl butyral interlayer. In case of glass breakage, the sheet has  a residual load-bearing capability due to the interlayer – fragments and slivers remain attached to the interlayer. Thereby the risk of injury is significantly reduced. Additional to its functional pro- perties TG-PROTECT®color convinces with many color com- binations. We can realize different light transmittances and  up to 17,000 tones with the 16 basic colors by using several interlayers.
Create your favorite color and use the color selector of our layer partner Vanceva®.

In case of breakage, the sheet has a residual load-bearing capability due to the interlayer - fragments and slivers remain attached to the interlayer. The risk of injury is considerably reduced.
Additionally, the customer can decide whether the product should be trnsparent. translucent or oqaque.

With a size of up to 3,210 x 18,000 mm and integrated colour layers as well as diverse processing and finishing alternatives, TG-PROTECT®color can be used in a wide range of applications. In addition TG-PROTECT®color is available in the safety classes impact, break-in and bullet resistant as TG-PROTECT®-TVG, a heat-strengthened glass with supervisory approval, and as TG-PROTECT®-ESG made of single pane safety glass.

We recommend to use colored interlayers in combination wih low-iron glass because the colors then appear even brighter.

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Our basic colors are: 

Coral Rose, Aquamarine, Smoke Grey, Sahara Sun, Deep Red, True Blue, Black, Ruby Red, Sapphire, Evening Shadow, Golden Light, Tangerine, Polar White, Cool White, Arctic Snow, Ocean Grey

Technical information


  • composite with colored PVB films,
  • more than 16.000 colors
  • combined with ceramic digital printing or screen printing



  • combines the functional properties of laminated safety glass with individual color selection
  • consists of two or more glass sheets bonded together
  • maximum dimensions up to 3,210 × 18,000 mm
  • up to 120 mm overall thickness, weight per package up to 7000 kg
  • ultimate tensile strength of the interlayer exceeds 20 n/mm²; ultimate strain at failure exceeds 250 %
  • impact, break-in and bullet resistant glazing
  • additional functions possible (alarm, noise reduction, heat
    and sun protection)
  • passive safety glazing offering enhanced protection against injury
  • exterior design
    (structural glazing, overhead glazing, walk-on glass, safety
    barriers, railings and balustrades, display window glazing,
    elevator glazing, projecting roof)
  • interior design
    (walk-on glass, reception counters, railings and balustrades, furniture, tables, partition walls, doors and sliding doors)

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