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TG-PROTECT® SGP/-S - High End Laminated Glass


TG-PROTECT® SGP is one of the Thiele Glas laminated safety glass products.It is particularly distinguished by its high resistance even under tough conditions. This results from the use of the ionoplast interlayer SentryGlas®* instead of a normal polymer interlayer (PVB). TG-PROTECT® SGP has a siginificantly higher strength with better residual strength whereas thinner glass compositions are generally possible. Additionally, SentryGlas®* is nearly colour neutral and therefore edges no longer appear yellow. Furthermore, this glass composite shows hardly any changes in the physical properties even at high temperatures. Due to its saltwater resistance, the product is also especially suitable for use in coastal areas.


Technical information


  • heat and saltwater resistant
  • higher strength with improved residual strength
  • significantly improved edge stability under tough conditions
  • more colour neutral than PVB-interlayers
  • shear coupling is possible (TG-PROTECT® SGP-S)



  • maximum dimensions: 3.210 x 18.000 mm*
  • colour: clear



  • glass stairs and railings
  • partition walls
  • fall-protective glazing
  • canopies and constructive glass building
  • point-fixed glazing
  • large-size panes