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TG-THERM®sun - sun protection insulating glass


TG-THERM® is an insulating glass element consisting of one, two or more individual sheets. Thiele Glas has one of the largest facilities in the world for the fabrication of insulating glass.
When required, TG-THERM® can be equipped with widely varying properties or combinations thereof. TG-THERM® offers exceptional possibilities for applications in the areas of insulation, sound-proofing, sun protection and security.

An optimal combination of these characteristics results in significant energy savings and, through the associated reduction in fuel consumption, contributes actively to climate protection.With the use of coated glasses it is possible to fabricate multi-functional insulating glasses for nearly every special need.

Due to special coating TG-THERM®sun reflects more UV light than conventional glass. Thus TG-THERM®sun offers a higher sun protection and is therfore particularly suitable for large-are glazing of facades and roofs.

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Technical information


TG-THERM®sunSun protection insulating glass



  • maximal dimension: up to 3,210 x 18,000 mm.
  • overall thickness: up to 100 mm
  • total sheet weight: up to 7,000 kg
  • circumferential multi-phase sealing
  • installation of framing for structural glazing is possible
  • available as pointwise supported insulating glass
  • can be combined with all special glasses and security classifications available from Thiele Glas
  • tested certification of noise-reduction up to 52 db
  • Ug-values down to 0.4 w/qmk in the case of 3-layer insulating glass
  • can be combined with anti-reflection TG-PROVIEW
  • alert function TG-ALARM possible
  • cleaning supporting properties available
  • facades
  • shop windows
  • roof glazing
  • partitions, windows, doors
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