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TG-ALARM - More safety for your objects


TG-ALARM is a toughened safety glass based on the following technology and functionality: With means of screen-printing, an alarm strip is applied to the glass and connected to a burglar alarm system. Should the glass break, the electric conduction of the imprinted alarm strip is interrupted with a certain electric resistance, which triggers the alarm.


Thus the VdS-certified TG-ALARM is perfect for multifunctional glass, for example, as an additional safety function against breaking and entering.

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safetyalarm function

Technical information

Alarm strip TG-ALARM in new design


The Thiele Glas alarm strip is now more compact. New is a triangular shape fitted into the corner. The new version is significantly more space saving and unobtrusively blends in with the glass design.

The new strip is VdS-certified as well and therefore approved for burglar alarm systems. The previous “pin shape” will continue to be available.


With this new design, Thiele Glas responds to the customer needs and life experience. The new alarm strip shows significant improvements and is much easier to process in combination with glass coatings. It can also be used with tempered coatings. Complicated solid measure coating is therefore no longer necessary and the glass can be produced and delivered in less time.



  • VdS certification
  • equipment of maximum formats with alarm strip possible
  • combination with burglar alarm systems possible
  • also on tempered coated glass available


  • exterior facades
  • display window
  • interior




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