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TG-ESG® - Tempered safety glass


Tempered safety glass is the basis for many flat-glass applications, inside and outside. TG-ESG® is an excellent product for monolithic safety glazing as well as for further processing to make TG-THERM® multi-functional insulating glass or TG­PROTECT® laminated safety glass.

TG-ESG® is used in many areas of application. It is suitable for facades and shop window glazing as well as doors or partitions. Colored by lacquering and digital-printing or specially coated, it opens up new opportunities as a functional design element.

By tempering, a thermal treatment process while the glass is heated up and then specificly cooled down, it receives its special properties. Tempered safety glass offers increased bending strength and thermal stability as well as enhanced shock and impact resistance. A further advantage is, that in case of glass breakage the glass shatters into small, blunt-edged pieces and reduces in this way the risk of injury.

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Technische Informationen


  • additional heat soak test after tempering process
  • Heat-Soak-Test in accordance with the conditions specified in the list of Building Rules or EN 14179 (quality assurance by special marking)


  • partly tempered glass
  • building approval in  glass thickness of 4-12 mm



  • increased bending strength, thermal stability, shock and impact resistance
  • heat-treated
  • particularly high thermal and mechanical stability
  • maximum dimensions: 3,210 × 18,000 mm
  • reduced risk of injury in case of glass breakage
  • can be further processed to TG-PROTECT® and TG-THERM® or TG-PROVIEW-AR
  • combinable with many Thiele Glas processings

    For architectural glazing, interior design and functional and decorative elements!

    TG-ESG®: all-glass systems and facade glass, doors and partitions, decorativr glass, shelves and showcases, balustrade elements

    TG-TVG®: is approved for building purposes as a laminated safety glass for overhead glazing, protective glazing, pointwise-supported glazing, stairs, partitions

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