Surface coatings
Integrate functionality and facilitate application
Special surface coatings ensure an extra level of functionality and user-friendliness.

TG-CLEANindoor - adding value due to extra finishing


Glass is a star performer in a wide variety of applications.
Our TG-CLEANindoor coatings provide an additional surface finish that considerably enhances the product’s value. The coatings enable the glass to repel water, grease and dirt, while chalk and other deposits can be easily removed.

The coatings produce a hydrophobic effect on smooth glass surfaces: the water forms beads that roll away with almost zero resistance. The surface structure is modified so that any remaining limescale and oily deposits cannot become embedded and are easy to remove.

On etched and sand-blasted glass components, TG-CLEANindoor reduces fingerprints and makes cleaning easier.

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Technical information


max. dimension:1,700 x 4,000 mm
glass thickness: 4 - 19 mm
glass types:TG-CLEANindoor is suitable for TG-FLOAT, TG-TVG®, TG-ESG® or TG-ESG®-H (can be further processed to TG-PROTECT® and TG-THERM®)
possible models:TG-CLEANpure , Nanogate or ClearShield


  • lasting protection from limescale, dirt and grease (if care instructions are followed)
  • hydrophobic – water beads away
  • fingerprint resistant
  • less cleaning required
  • glass corrosion protection
  • enhances value
  • available on single pieces or entire batches
    • interior
    • glass doors
    • shower cabinets
    • kitchen back panels
    • partition walls
    • mirrors
    • frosted surfaces / grip protection