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Special surface coatings ensure an extra level of functionality and user-friendliness.

TG-CLEANplus - high quality coating for shower cabinets


The new developed and resistant surface coating TG-CLEANplus protects your glass shower cabinets against corrosion. Normal, uncoated glass is susceptible to corrosive effects of moisture, humidity, and chemical additives of many common household cleaners which let your shower look dull after a short time.

The surface coating melted with the glass works as a protective shield against external influence. The surface structure is changed so that limescale and dirt cannot deposit into the surface of the glass and are thereby to be removed easily. With careful and regular care your shower will look new for a longer time! By adding color interlayers or printing on glass your shower will become a Long-living design object.

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Technical information

maximum dimensions: 6.000 x 3.210 mm     
glass thickness: 8 mm
delivery possibility: TG-ESG® or TG-ESG®-H


  • Long-lasting protection against dirt, chalk and grease (please consider special care instructions)
  • hydrophobic characteristics: water simply runs off
  • less cleaning required
  • value appreciation by in the longterm crystal clear panes
  • coating always on one side
  • glass has to be tempered
  • can be laminated (please consider the hygroscopic properties of PVB interlayers)
  • can be processed to TG-PRINT and TG-PRINTdigital
  • shower cubicles