Show how big you are! We open maximum opportunities for design with our oversized dimension.

The New Glass Dimension

Oversize formats bring great design benefits: They create a smooth, quiet and thus attractive facade. Maximum transparency meets graceful aesthetics and maximum daylight influence.

Therefore a new creative age for architects and facade planners is dawning. Designs, free in thinking and planning, open elongated limits. For disturbing, supportive elements need no longer to be considered. A completely new approach to structural glazing is emerging.

These new options are not limited by functionality. Despite the XXXL format, basic glass can be supplied with solar and heat insulation layers and processed accordingly. This includes solutions such as CNC-controlled cutting, edging and drillings as they come also in the common glass formats. Once again this means for the architects‘ utmost creative freedom, because design ideas are far beyond the level of creativity, which the conventional disk dimensions usually pretend to implement. Glass facades can also be colorful designed according to customer requirements – with digital printing, interlayers or other common methods.


benefits at a glance

:: more design options
:: optical highlights
:: increased efficency
:: unfractured transparent facades
:: shorter assembly time