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Amos Rex Art Museum, Helsinki (FIN)

„The concept of the museum is to be as open as possible. This reflects also in the architecture of the building. It is a part of the city“ explains Asmo Jaaksi, leading architect of the project. Mission completed – the roof looks like a ground level, a place with abstract art. But have a look at the details and you will find that the circle panes are windows to a huge Underground complex. To meet the high demands of stability and insulating the implementation of energy-saving triple insulating glass TG-THERM®plus with TG-PROTECT® made of TG-ESG® and TG-TVG® was necessary. Due to the construction the windows are stable enough that despite the diameter of more than three meters a skater can easily perform his tricks on it without having worries of breakage.

Object Name: Amos Rex Museum, Helsinki
Object Type:
  • event buildings
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2017 - 2018
Client: Föreningen Konstamfundet, Helsinki
Architect: JKMM Architects
Executing Company: Uppe SIA, LV-Brankas
Glass Types:
  • TG-THERM®plus
  • TG-ESG®
Glass Amount: 48,7 m²
Glass Panes: 5 panes
Dimensions: Ø 3,100 mm
Image Rights: © Mika Huisman/decopic

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