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Archaeological Showcase Elisengarten, Aachen (GER)

In April 2013 the archaeological showcase Elisengarten in Aachen was opened ceremonially. The display cabinet has a protective function as well as museum-style for the settlement structures of various historic eras which have been discovered at this point. The glazed showcase is one of six so called ‘archaeological windows’ which can be found in Aachen. Scientific findings of classical and ancient studies are not only based on found objects. Also relicts in form of visible structures in the ground are archaeologically significant. But especially this type of discoveries can only be removed from the ground and shown to the public with difficulty. Damaging the historical structures of the ground would be the result. In this event the preservation of such archaeological findings has the highest priority. For this purpose ‘archaeological windows‘ are installed at such particularly important places of discovery in order to allow anybody interested the opportunity to catch up on historic circumstances and to take a look at remains in original state. 

The archaeological showroom distinguishes by the precision of the mostly pre-fabricated parts and the seeming transparency, harmonious fitting into the environment and the open stainless steel construction. The exhibition pavilion persuades with its unique construction and its welcoming character. Due to the extravagant construction town history is perfectly displayed and invites visitors to a top-class cultural experience. The exterior shell is built up of two diagonally superposed layers of stainless steel profiles with a wide opening which invites to walk through. 

At the beginning of November 2013 the M&T-metal prize was awarded to our customer Schneider Metallbau for this extraordinary, creative and innovative project. Schneider Metallbau situated in Kastellau was in charge for the entire construction, production and installation of the open structure which was designed by the local architect’s office Kadawittfeldarchitektur. Thiele Glas supplied 43 units laminated safety glass TG-PROTECT® out of TG-TVG (heat-strengthened glass) 10/10.4 for the roof and vitrines glazing of the project.

Object Name: Archäologische Vitrine Elisengarten Aachen
Object Type:
  • education buildings
  • museum building
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2012 - 2013
Client: City of Aachen
Architect: kadawittfeldarchitektur
Other participants: Schneider Metallbau (construction)
Miscellaneous: M&T-metal prize 2013
Glass Types:
Glass Amount: 43 panes
Image Rights: © Schneider Metallbau GmbH

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