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Buschmannshof, Herne-Wanne (GER)

A new roof for Buschmannshof - Roofing of ÖPNV (public transport company) station by using shaped glass panels of Thiele Glas

Buschmannshof is situated in the Wanner city center. Due to the ageing design of the big city square and the necessary building operations for the construction of a new clean-water-channel a modernization was no longer avoidable. The aim was to realize a modern, extensive and filigree roofing. After the installation of the complex steel construction placing the completely pre-installed roof on the 20 circular tube supports was a precision job affected in summer 2012. Five truck-mounted cranes and nerves of steel were essential to lift the 80-tons-heavy construction with the same load at each point. 

When the entire framework was completed the glazing of the slightly domed roof could start. As a forwarder of high-quality safety, insulating and design glazing Thiele Glas produced isosceles triangular panels of TG-PROTECT® for this project. The individual panels are sized up to 1,704 x 2,018 mm whereas the complete semi-circle shaped roof construction measures 93 x 21 meter. The walkable overhead glazing is linearly supported on all sides and point-fixed. 

Buschmannshof has become one of the most attractive places in Herne especially because of redesigning and modernization of the central bus and tramway station. There are twelve lines in total stopping at the barrier-free station and up to 8000 passengers daily getting on and off at this important traffic junction

Object Name: Buschmannshof Herne-Wanne
Object Type:
  • traffic
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2011 - 2013
Client: Straßenbahn Herne -Castrop-Rauxel GmbH HCR
Other participants: Albrecht & Jäcker Nachf. GmbH & Co. KG, Wahrenbrück (steel construction)
Glass Types:
Glass Amount: 960 m²
Dimensions: up to 1,704 x 2,018 mm

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