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Dental Clinic, Berlin (GER)

The so-called House Cumberland was built in 1911/12 as a magnificent building and had the purpose to provide rented premises for guests and their domestic staff. In 2011, a large-scale reconstruction started. In this context the dental surgery originated in the former Imperial Hall. The 208 square meters large area with its mix of stylish design and latest technology creates an unusual and especially breathtaking ambience. Altogether 73 square meters of glass, mainly TG-PROTECT® DG and low-iron glass, partially with switchable LC-film, were set in place. The 21 glass panes reach measurements up to 1,988 x 2,493 mm.

Object Type:
  • health care
  • administration building
  • commercial buildings
Construction Type:
  • renovation
Construction Time: 2013
Client: Dental Clinic „Zahnärzte im Kaisersaal“
Architect: TREILING architekten, Berlin
Executing Company: Bayer Glasbau GmbH, Berlin
Glass Types:
Glass Amount: 73 m²
Glass Panes: 21 panes
Dimensions: up to 1,988 × 2,493 mm
Image Rights: © Sven Otte

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