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Elevator glazing, Munich (GER)

A clear view from the elevator - E.ON Energie corporate headquater in Munich with TG-PROTECT®

Communication and an open space concept were centre stage during the planning phase of the renovation of the E.ON Energie corporate headquarters in Munich. When combining the existing structure with new elements and building sections, the harmonious integration of different styles into an overall concept was a particular challenge. The old building on Brienner Straße which dates back to 1913 was completely gutted and the external and internal structure restored. It was integrated into the design of a new four storey building with 100 mixed-use offices, meeting rooms and a large cafeteria on the ground floor. The modernisation work has created a total floor space of 9,000 m².

The lobby on the south side opens into the courtyard via a movable 8 x 20 metre gate. Opposite this impressive steel and glass construction, a glass elevator stretches all the way to the roof as a visual counterpoint. The hydraulic elevator which has a carrying capacity of 675 kg is accessible from two sides and connects the existing building with the new building on Augustenstraße.

For this project, Thiele Glas has manufactured TG-PROTECT® laminated safety glass from float glass with a very low iron oxide content. Thanks to this property, the panels are particularly transparent and have a very high light transmission. Two 10 mm Float Extra-Clear panels were used with a maximum size of 2,050 x 2,080 mm. The linear support secures the panels safely to the structure and blends discreetly into the glass surface, leaving the way clear for an unobstructed view into the courtyard when travelling from the basement to the top of the building.

Object Name: Elevator Glazing Munich
Object Type:
  • elevator glazing
Construction Type:
  • renovation
Construction Time: 2008
Client: E.ON Energie AG
Architect: Adam Architekten
Executing Company: ORBA Lift GmbH
Glass Types:
Dimensions: 2,050 x 2,080 mm
Image Rights: © Fotograf Florian Schreiber

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