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European Hansemuseum, Lübeck (GER)

History and traditions – modern reprocessed

The European Hansemuseum in the north west of the old town island of Lübeck presents on a total surface of 7,405 square meters the 600-years Hansa history. In addition to the large number of historical findings and the ancient monument Burgkloster, there is also an archaeological excavation. The museum presentation appears not least particularly impressive because of the three superior interior facades, for example in the showcase and excavation area, made out of TG-THERM®sunTG-THERM®plus and TG-PROTECT®. The overall 54 glass panes with dimensions up to 1,267 x 4,095 mm were installed each room high.

The company Stefan Fittkau Metallbau + Kunstschmiede GmbH realized the implementation of the project which has an entire glass surface of approximately 218 square meters. The Berlin enterprise is specialized in the restauration of historical buildings as well as various projects in metal construction and other fields. The Hamburg architects and designers of Studio Amdreas Heller GmbH developed the creative concept. Especially important was the orientation on the historical circumstances of the location as well as an ideal integration in the existing townscape. The old town of Lübeck and its historical buildings belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Object Name: European Hansemuseum, Lübeck
Object Type:
  • education buildings
  • cultural buildings
  • museum building
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2014 / 2015
Client: Europäisches Hansemuseum, Lübeck
Architect: Studio Andreas Heller GmbH, Hamburg
Executing Company: Stefan Fittkau Metallbau + Kunstschmiede GmbH, Berlin
Glass Types:
  • TG-THERM®sun
  • TG-THERM®plus
Glass Amount: about 218 m²
Glass Panes: 54 panes
Dimensions: up to 1,267 × 4,095 mm
Image Rights: © Christine Rudolf

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