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Furniture Store Höffner, Neuss (GER)

Play of colors due to TG-PROTECT®color

The new home-center Höffner in Düsseldorf-Neuss is the biggest all over the world. However, it not only stands out through its capacity, but rather impresses by the implementation of the exterior facades, which shine in three different shades of red and orange. Among other things, this is provided by 330 glass panes TG-PROTECT®color with colored PVB interlayers as well as 28 panes, screen-printed according to traffic red. All lites were produced with the same dimension of 5,614 x 1,651 mm. Responsible for the execution of this colorful façade was the company Ferrolight Glasbau GmbH, contracted by the principal Krieger Grundstück GmbH Berlin. Planning and design was made by the architects of Beier & Beck.

'Especially important for us was to exactly implement the requirements of the principal. At this point, it was a matter of course to ensure on-schedule completion. We are particularly proud, that we could realize the extraordinary color specifications in cooperation with Thiele Glas', explained Klaus Schüler of Ferrolight Glasbau GmbH.

Grand opening of the store was in December 2014 and ever since it’s considered to be the most modern furniture store of the Rhineland. A total amount of 46,000 square meters sales area with 5,000 square meters kitchen showroom and a huge selection of other home furnishings are available. Design, surface and product assortment as a complete package make the home-center Höffner particularly attractive.

Object Name: Furniture store Höffner, Neuss
Object Type:
  • commercial buildings
  • company buildings
  • industrial and commercial buildings
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2014
Client: Höffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG
Architect: Beier & Beck, Braunschweig
Executing Company: Ferrolight Glasbau GmbH,Waldheim, OT Meinsberg
Glass Types:
  • TG-PROTECT®color
Glass Amount: 3,316 m²
Glass Panes: 358 panes
Dimensions: 5,614 × 1,651 mm
Image Rights: © Markus Schwalenberg

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