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Parkgarage Grünwald (GER)

Brightly coloured underground parking with TG-PRINTdigital - nature scenes directly onto glass with digital ceramic printing

The new underground car park of the Grünwald district near Munich solves the parking shortage in town centre with a focus on creative innovation. The entire concept is designed to attract people to park here. The car park offers a total of 194 parking spaces on two levels. The clearly structured guidance system, using a variety of colours, lighting and simple signage serves to guide drivers quickly to a free space and ensures they quickly find their vehicle after returning from shopping. User-friendliness is ensured by a completely column-free construction and by directing the daylight right down to the second basement by way of large, round skylights, open staircases and the central rotunda of the entrance.

The project participants opted for glass with ceramic print designs. With TG-PRINTdigital, a ceramic colour is applied directly onto glass in a digital print process and is fused into the surface during tempering. This creates extremely resistant glazing and staining. With this technology it is possible to print almost any type of digital template, from digital photography to vector graphics in all colours. In the case of the underground car park a large-scale tree scene was chosen for the glazing of the lift, while the skylights are featuring an atmospheric water theme. The pre-press was of particular importance. The subjects had to be distributed across several glass panes of differing sizes, without this leading to the image being offset in the final glazing result.

All glasses of the project comprising approximately 600 m² has been done by using TG-PROTECT® laminated safety glass. Since the skylights also feature as a design element in the public park, which is situated right above the car park, a triple laminated safety glass called TG-STEP was used to provide a surface that can be walked on. The green glazing of the access courses consisting of 101 green prototype glass panes was also done using triple laminated safety glass. All three glazings of this package were produced using the ceramic screen printing process TG-PRINT. The two frontal glass panes have been silk screen printed in light and dark green, while the rear glass was given a non-transparent white colour staining. Impressive are the four 5,630 x 1,900 mm large and 24 mm thick safety glass panels above the second entrance. People enter the car park by dipping beneath the blue waves.

Object Name: Parkgarage Grünwald
Object Type:
  • traffic
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2010
Client: Gemeinde Grünwald
Architect: DMP Architekten, München
Executing Company: Glasbau Gipser GmbH, Halle/Saale
Glass Types:
  • TG-PRINTdigital
Glass Amount: 600 m²
Glass Panes: 101 panes
Dimensions: 5,630 x 1,900 mm
Image Rights: © Eberhard Franke

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