Thiele Glas‘ international appearance at the World Stadium Congress 2013 in Qatar

350 branch-specific experts of sport, architecture and construction industry participated from 3rd to 5th June 2013 at the worldwide leading conference for ‘design and development of world-class stadiums’. The event was held the second time in Qatar, the host city of the Football World Cup 2022.

The World Stadium Congress was characterized by top-class speakers and an impressive variety of topics. During the first two days the event the focused on lectures and panel discussions. The main subjects have been project management, planning and construction of the sport areas as well as sustainability, energy efficiency and security. For the third and last day all participants had the possibility to collaborate in an interactive workshop and to deepen the matter ‘security of major events. Andrew Amery, security manager of the London Organization Committee for Olympic and Paralympic Games moderated the workshop and brought in its know-how and experience concerning efficient security solutions and risk management. Furthermore all participants could take advantage of the opportunity to network with manufacturers and service providers which completed with their information stands the wide variety of the congress. Thiele Glas presented in cooperation with Glasbau Gipser the manifold field of application for glass. The interest and even more the amazement about our production possibilities especially for oversized glass dimension up to 3210 x 9300 mm have been enormous. ‘Our products of the design assortment were also much in demand particularly TG-VARIOVIEW, TG-PRINTdigital and TG-VARIOMETAL’ so Tobias Brion, team leader of sales department at Thiele Glas’ production site in Wermsdorf. Whether for interior areas like partition walls, design objects or for building shells, all three products win people over with their appearance and function. Concerning the all-rounder TG-VARIOVIEW it is up to the customer to decide how transparent or opaque the partition shall be. When electricity is applied the standard opaque interlayer consisting of liquid crystals, turns transparent. When the power is of, the glass surface becomes opaque. By using the touch of the button principle you have the opportunity to separate rooms visually and to ensure privacy.However, not only the design product range aroused the interest of the visitors. They also caught extensively up on our opportunities to produce triple insulating glazing which improves the thermal properties of windows and facades considerably and thus the energy efficiency of buildings. ‘Through close cooperation with Glasbau Gipser we are able to offer our clients everything out of one source: planning, production and finally installation like a one stop supplier! Therefore we can convince by our quality, Know-how and service.’ Tobias Brion emphasized. Both companies have extensive experience in realization of stadium projects. A joint project was the Green-Point-Stadium in Capetown which has been built for the Football World Cup 2010. Thiele Glas produced for the 38,000 sq. roof construction 11,000 panes of laminated glass (TG-PROTECT®) which have been installed by Gipser Glasbau. On the occasion of the World Stadium Congress all details have been summarized in English for our international audience. For more information concerning the World Stadium Congress visit