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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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Partition / Functional and Decorative walls

Glass partition elements divide or connect rooms. Depending on requirements, rooms can be optically enlarged or separated. You can also use our glass panes to set interesting accents in your wall design and visually enhance your rooms.

The finishing of our basic safety glass TG-ESG® and TG-PROTECT® with digital or screen-printed motifs (TG-PRINTdigital, TG-PRINT) is particularly popular. You are free to choose whether you want to have your favorite motifs applied to glass or use already finished motifs from our design templates. For large-area and uniform color designs, laminated color foils and lacquered glass can also be used. The available color palette leaves nothing to be desired.

Convince yourself of our wide product range for individual room separation and decoration and click on the respective product button for more information.

Thiele Glas products for partition walls, functional walls and decorative walls

Glasfassade mit roten ESG-Scheiben
Tempered safety glass

Tempered safety glass is the basis for many flat-glass applications, inside and outside. TG-ESG® is an excellent product for monolithic safety glazing…

Sideboard mit farbigen Glasfronten vor einer gelben Dekorglaswand
lacquered glass

Through the use of colour, interesting accents can be set and representative designs created.

Bedruckte Funktionstrennwand im Bürogebäude
ceramic digital printing on glass

Digital printing is a printing technology which opens up additional possibilities for customised creative design as well as new areas of applications.

Ansicht Glasdach aus Vogelperspektive
colored laminated safety glass

Laminated glass consists of two or more glass panes refined with a colored, extremely tear-resistant PVB layer.