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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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Surface coatings

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We supply special glass surface coatings for different application areas to provide our clients more functionality and user-friendliness. Depending on the clients wishes we apply coatings, that additionally finish the glass surface and significantly increase the product benefit.

With TG-CLEANindoor, the surface changes into a water, oil and dirt repellent one where chalk or other sediments can be removed easily. The new developed and robust surface coating TG-CLEANplus prevents your showering cabins against corrosion and let your shower shine much longer clean than conventional products without coating. TG-PROVIEW, an anti-reflective glass realized by a special coating, allows a full and clear view for the observer. The product can be used for dividing walls, glass doors or showcases.

Thiele Glas products for surface coatings

Ansicht deckenhohe Duschkabinen aus Glas
simplifies glass cleaning

Our TG-CLEANindoor coatings provide an additional surface finish that considerably enhances the product’s value.

high quality coating for shower cabinets

The new developed and resistant surface coating TG-CLEANplus protects your glass shower cabinets against corrosion. 

resistant satin glass

TG-LuxRaff® is a unique satin glass that through special treatment is particularly resistant to scratches and marks on the etching. 

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anti-reflective glass

TG-PROVIEW is a coated glass with remarkably low light reflection.