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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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Laminated safety glass

TG-PROTECT® consists of two or more panes of glass joined together using an extremely tear-resistant polyvinyl butyral interlayer, which may be transparent, toned or translucent. In case of breakage, the pane has a residual load-bearing capability due to the interlayer - fragments and slivers remain attached to the interlayer. The risk of injury is considerably reduced.

With a size of up to 3,210 x 18,000 mm and integrated colour or noise-reduction layers as well as diverse processing and finishing alternatives, TG-PROTECT® can be used in a wide range of applications.

In addition TG-PROTECT® is available as impact, break-in and bullet resistant, laminated safty glass  TG-PROTECT®-TVG (certified for use in buildings) and TG-PROTECT®-ESG.

Technical data and information

  • consists of two or more glass panes bonded together
  • maximum dimensions up to 3,210 × 18,000 mm
  • up to 120 mm overall thickness, 7,000 kg weight/package
  • ultimate tensile strength of the interlayer exceeds 20 n/mm²; ultimate strain at failure exceeds 250 %
  • higher safety properties
  • impact, break-in and bullet resistant
  • integrated alarm function possible or noise reduction possible
  • can be equipped with toned or printed films
  • can be further processed to TG-THERM®
  • 100 % protection against ultraviolet light
  • available as anti-reflective TG-PROVIEW

Areas of application

  • elevator glazing
  • balconies / balustrades / parapets
  • walk-on glazing
  • roofs / canopies
  • decorative glass
  • facades
  • windows
  • glass floor
  • noise protection walls
  • display window
  • safety relevant glazing
  • partition walls
  • stairs / bridges
  • showcases
impact resistant safety plus splinters binding
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On the following pages you will experience the fascination of glass in its application. The use of glass in exterior and interior architecture sets accents in the design of exterior facades, roofs, showers, doors, stairs and even wall glazing!


Selected project references for TG-PROTECT®

Ansicht Referenz
Soccer Experience Center, London (GBR)

In the course of a stadium construction an Experience Center was created right next door. This is not only the home of the ticket and fan shop but also for a cinema, a café and the club museum. And even the building itself is a real eye catcher for the…

Ansicht Referenz
Museum August Macke Haus, Germany (GER)

Short but memorable was the life of August Macke in Bonn. Now the historical residential building of the artist was expanded with a modern extension in form of an impressive glass facade of 332 m2 and Offers visitors after the reopening in December…

Ansicht Referenz AMOS REX
Amos Rex Art Museum, Helsinki (FIN)

„The concept of the museum is to be as open as possible. This reflects also in the architecture of the building. It is a part of the city“ explains Asmo Jaaksi, leading architect of the project. Mission completed – the roof looks like a ground level, a…

MHK Zentrale, Dreieich (GER)

„Strong and courageously into the future” – that is one of the slogans of the MHK Group. So that these are not just empty words, the new European headquarters illustrate exactly those characteristics: modern, trendsetting and stable. Not only is the…

Treppe aus Glas
Cantilever glass stairs, Viborg (DNK)

Transparent components, which can be placed in the right light as desired – this is how purely practical building parts become design objects. Thus, a glass staircase was installed in a Danish private house, in which the steps are only one-sided. The…

Ansicht Referenz
Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm (SWE)

The „Mall of Scandinavia“ is one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe. More than 200 different stores are spread over approximately 100,000 square meter of floor space. The eyecatcher: All three floors are comparable elevated thus several…

Ansicht Referenz Fassade Privatvilla
Villa S. North Rhine-Westphalia (GER)

Glass is almost indispensable in modern architecture and gives objects elegance and exclusivity. An outstanding example for this is Villa S: 27 panes of the energy saving insulating glass TG-THERM®plus are installed in this building. Due to the sizes…

Ansicht Referenz
Colorful Elevator, Aarhus (DNK)

In the course of restauration works, a glass elevator of a Danish court-house in Aarhus obtaines a new, colorful design. Artist Marianne Gronnow used especially warm colors to integrate lightness and warmth in the historic building. Yellow, blue, dark…

Ansicht Referenz
European Hansemuseum, Lübeck (GER)

History and traditions – modern reprocessed The European Hansemuseum in the north west of the old town island of Lübeck presents on a total surface of 7,405 square meters the 600-years Hansa history. In addition to the large number of historical…

Ansicht Referenz Glasfrontem Privatvilla
Familyhome, Eindhoven (NED)

Modern facades and windows made of TG-THERM®plus, TG-PROTECT®-TVG and TG-ESG® An impressive interaction of interior decoration and design shows the one-family house located in the city center of Eindhoven. In the years 2013 and 2014 the residential…

Vitrinen hängen an der Wand
Leica Headquaters, Wetzlar (GER)

Unique showcases and bell jars out of TG-PROTECT® and TG-ESG® The Leica Camera AG returns with its ultra-modern headquarters to Wetzlar, the place where the company was founded. On a surface of more than 27,000 square meters visitors will find a…

Ansicht Referenz
LWL Museum, Münster (GER)

Breath-taking insight and view with TG-THERM®sun The reconstruction of the LWL-Museum for art and culture is completed after 5 years building period. Therewith the museum increases its exhibition area by 1,800 square meters to a total of 7,500 square…

Ansicht Referenzobjekt
Forum Confluentes, Koblenz (GER)

Renovation of Central Square inspired by nature. Interior partition walls for ample foyer created by TG-PROTECT® By rearranging the central square Koblenz acquired an additional highlight which combines unique architecture and urban functionality.…

Ansicht Referenz
Canteen Kassel University (GER)

From now on students will eat in a stylish ambience - visual and functional enhancement of the canteen by using Thiele glasses. The run on much sought-after university places is high in Kassel. The amount of the annual enrollments is noticeably…

Ansicht Referenz
Buschmannshof, Herne-Wanne (GER)

A new roof for Buschmannshof - Roofing of ÖPNV (public transport company) station by using shaped glass panels of Thiele Glas Buschmannshof is situated in the Wanner city center. Due to the ageing design of the big city square and the necessary…

Ansicht Referenz in der Antarktis
Polar station, Bharati (ATA)

Modern research station in the Antarctic – view on the eternal ice thanks to a glass façade made by Thiele Glas Located on the peninsula of Larsemann Hills region in the north-eastern part of the Antarctic the Indian research station Bharati provides…

Ansicht Referenz
Galeria Kaufhof, Oldenburg (GER)

New and elegant glass facade: an invitation to a shopping experience - clear glass and VANCEVA® films in combination with TG-PROTECT® Department stores have been known for their prominent façades since the 1960s. The tiled honeycomb structure designed…

Parkgarage Grünwald (GER)

Brightly coloured underground parking with TG-PRINTdigital - nature scenes directly onto glass with digital ceramic printing The new underground car park of the Grünwald district near Munich solves the parking shortage in town centre with a focus on…

Ansicht Referenz
IFW Dresden (GER)

Bonded all-glass structure - a design innovation in clascunstruction with TG-PROTECT® The helium liquefaction plant at the IFW Dresden contains a bonded glass housing with the dimensions 7,603 x 2,637 mm.  The heritage pressure tanks of the new…

Ansicht Referenz
Publishing House, Bamberg (GER)

Modern renovation of the publishing house building for group of media Oberfranken - a new accent in the city with TG-THERM®plus and TG-PROTECT® ‚From old, make new‘ – this old German adage was also the idea behind the modernisation of Mediengruppe…

Glasfassade XXXL Gläser
Landessparkasse Oldenburg (GER)

A new development with forward-looking tradition - glass halls and walkways with TG-THERM®sun The Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO) is the oldest savings bank in the world. Founded in 1776, it has been headquartered in the city of Oldenburg, in the…

Ansicht Glasfassade EON
Elevator glazing, Munich (GER)

A clear view from the elevator - E.ON Energie corporate headquater in Munich with TG-PROTECT® Communication and an open space concept were centre stage during the planning phase of the renovation of the E.ON Energie corporate headquarters in Munich.…