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Galeria Kaufhof, Oldenburg (GER)

New and elegant glass facade: an invitation to a shopping experience - clear glass and VANCEVA® films in combination with TG-PROTECT®

Department stores have been known for their prominent façades since the 1960s. The tiled honeycomb structure designed by Egon Eiermann was a trademark of department stores for decades. In order to modernise the Oldenburg Kaufhof, this tradition now requires the development of a new language of shapes for the department store chain – with a non-bearing glass façade made from TG-PROTECT®.

Architecture firm Angelis & Partner designed a non-bearing façade from crystal-clear, translucent glass panels. The new outer skin with its clear lines and geometric structure transports the symbolic shape of the Kaufhof department stores into the present using the medium of glass and provides high recognition value.  For instance, the building functions as a clear crystal, reflecting the façade in its surroundings. Extensive backlighting makes the glass cover shine clearly and visibly at night as well.

This impressive appearance is made possible thanks to TG-PROTECT® laminated safety glass made from extra-clear glass in combination with frosted and clear films in the interlayer. Compared to conventional float glass, clear glass has very low iron oxide levels. This also greatly reduces the typical greenish tinge of glass: the pane appears perfectly clear. In combination with clear and frosted VANCEVA coloured films, this creates a translucent and yet opaque, clear façade element.

This visible glass surface is composed of alternating glass panes of 30, 60 and 90 cm in width and 2.75 m in height. The specific challenge lay in the custom production and delivery of the approximately 600 different individual panes, to put together the 1,000 m2  glass surface without any delays. The result has been available to behold since March of 2011 in downtown Oldenburg.

Object Name: Galeria Kaufhof
Object Type:
  • facade design
Construction Type:
  • renovation
Construction Time: 2009 - 2011
Client: Metro Group Asset Management Services, Düsseldorf
Architect: ANGELIS & PARTNER, Oldenburg
Glass Types:
Glass Amount: 1.000 m²
Image Rights: © Olaf Mahlstedt Photographie

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