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Foundation of Thiele Glas in Schrozberg

The construction of the first buildings in Schrozberg marks the beginning of Thiele Glas' corporate history. Only two years later, in 1991, the new premises of the Thiele Glas GmbH are inaugurated.


Start of construction for Thiele Glas production facility in Wermsdorf

The beginning of the new millennium also marks the beginning of a new era for Thiele Glas. With the construction of the new site in Wermsdorf and the official opening of the Thiele Glas Werk GmbH in 2002, the company expands rapidly. To date, the Wermsdorf site has grown to become the largest in the Thiele Glas Group thanks to numerous extensions.

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Foundation of THIELE AG

The Thiele AG in Lossatal/Körlitz, Saxony is not far away from the Wermsdorf site and is responsible for the administration of all locations and the headquarters of its own marketing department since 2009.

Baustelle Worms

Foundation of Thiele Glas Handel GmbH

Only few years after the start of the production at the second site in Wermsdorf, Saxony, the next site is opened in Worms, Rhineland-Palatinate. One year later was the ground-breaking ceremony for this new area, which was completed in 2007.

Baustelle Wermsdorf

Extension of the company site Wermsdorf

In order to meet the growing demands of the market, Thiele Glas is constantly investing in new machinery at all company sites. Regardless of whether it is the purchase of new furnaces or automatic grinding machines - production at the locations is being expanded.

Ansicht Werk

From 6,000 mm to 9,000 mm

Thanks of the numerous of new machines and the extensions at the individual locations, it is now possible to refine glass panels up to a size of 9,000 mm x 3,210 mm. This creates a new dimension in glass design for architects and planners.

Standort Radeberg

Founding of the company site in Amtzell and Radeberg in Germany

Almost 20 years after the founding of Thiele Glas in Schrozberg, the company group has grown up to five locations. A sales office is established in Amtzell on Lake Constance and another Saxon location is opened in Radeberg. In 2018, both were able to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Standort Wermsdorf Bau

Extension 2.0 in Wermsdorf, Saxony

With the ground-breaking ceremony for the new production hall in Wermsdorf, the Saxon site continues to grow. The machines in the new hall will start operation in the first half of 2017. With a production area of 25,000 m², the new hall is about the size of 3.5 soccer pitches.


From 9,000 mm to 18,000 mm

The market is growing up and with it our glass. Since 2017, we have been able to offer our customers processed glass up to a maximum size of 18,000 mm x 3,210 mm. These are refined on the machines in the new Wermsdorf hall. This creates new possibilities in design, especially in the area of an uninterrupted facade.