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Laminated safety glazing with UV protection

Conventional window glazing is opaque for ultraviolet light below 320 nm. PVB-interlayers between the panes filter further ultraviolet light out. As a laminated safety glass with new PVB-interlayer, TG-PROTECT®UVzero reaches to block incident ultraviolet light up to 100 %. This unique function combined with the proved characteristics of laminated safety glass (residual carrying capacity, minimized risk of injury, impact and break-in resistant glazing) makes the product unique and highly versatile in application.

With its application in museums, archives and galleries, TG-PROTECT®UVzero provides an optimum protection for exhibits behind glass and preserves works of art from early ageing.

Technical data and information

  • laminated safety glass provided with a transparent, at least 0.76 mm thick PVB interlayer
  • available in maximum dimension 3,210 x 18,000 mm
  • 120 mm compound thickness, up to 7,000 kg weight/laminated glass

TG-PROTECT®UVzero can be combined with the following products and features:

  • alarm system
  • noise protection, thermal insulation and solar protection
  • anti-reflective glass TG-PROVIEW for clear vision (maximum dimension is 3,210 x 6,000 mm)
  • tempered glass like TG-ESG® or TG-TVG
  • ceramic digital print or screen-printing

Areas of application

  • display window
  • showcases
impact resistant safety plus splinters binding UV protection
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