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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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colored laminated safety glass

TG-PROTECT®color consists of two or more sheets of glass laminated together using one or more extremely tear-resistant, toned polyvinyl butyral interlayer. In case of glass breakage, the sheet has a residual load-bearing capability due to the interlayer – fragments and slivers remain attached to the interlayer. Thereby the risk of injury is significantly reduced. Additional to its functional properties TG-PROTECT®color convinces with many color combinations. We can realize different light transmittances and up to 17,000 tones with the 16 basic colors by using several interlayers. Create your favorite color and use the color selector of our layer partner Vanceva®.

With a size of up to 3,210 x 18,000 mm and integrated color layers as well as diverse processing and finishing alternatives, TG-PROTECT®color can be used in a wide range of applications. In addition TG-PROTECT®color is available in the safety classes impact, break-in and bullet resistant as TG-PROTECT®-TVG, a heat-strengthened glass with supervisory approval, and as TG-PROTECT®-ESG made of single pane safety glass.

We recommend to use colored interlayers in combination wih low-iron glass because the colors then appear even brighter.

Technical data and information

  • composite with colored PVB films
  • more than 16,000 colors
  • combined with ceramic digital printing or screen printing
  • combines the functional properties of laminated safety glass with individual color selection
  • consists of two or more glass sheets bonded together
  • maximum dimensions up to 3,210 × 18,000 mm, up to 120 mm overall thickness, weight per package up to 7,000 kg
  • ultimate tensile strength of the interlayer exceeds 20 n/mm²; ultimate strain at failure exceeds 250 %
  • impact, break-in and bullet resistant glazing
  • additional functions possible (alarm, noise reduction, heat and sun protection)

Our basic colors are:

Coral Rose, Aquamarine, Smoke Grey, Sahara Sun, Deep Red, True Blue, Black, Ruby Red, Sapphire, Evening Shadow, Golden Light, Tangerine, Polar White, Cool White, Arctic Snow, Ocean Grey

More colors on request.

Areas of application

  • elevator glazing
  • balconies / balustrades / parapets
  • roofs / canopies
  • walk-on glazing
  • decorative glass
  • shelves for furniture
  • facades
  • all-glass systems
  • glass floor
  • furniture / accessories
  • partition walls
  • stairs / bridges
  • counter covers
  • doors
  • wall panelling
design impact resistant safety plus splinters binding
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Product Information


On the following pages you will experience the fascination of glass in its application. The use of glass in exterior and interior architecture sets accents in the design of exterior facades, roofs, showers, doors, stairs and even wall glazing!


Selected project references for TG-PROTECT®color

Ansicht Referenz
Eduard Mörike Karree, Wiesbaden (GER)

When art and education go hand in hand, a backyard turns into an oasis of well-being. Since the design of the promenade in the Eduard Mörike Karree in Wiesbaden, nine large glass exhibits have decorated the pathways. These digital printed glass panes…

Ansicht Referenz Princess Maxima
Prinses Máxima Centrum, Utrecht (NLD)

Since 2017, a colorful glass bridge in Utrecht, Netherlands, ensures an extraordinary color play. It connects the Wilhelmina childrens hospital and the Prinses Maxima Centrum with a length of 160 meters. A total of 1,258 m2 of glass with 15…

Ansicht Referenz
PlusCity, Linz (AUT)

The tram station at PlusCity in Linz presents itself as colorful and welcoming. With almost 1,400 m2 of colored laminated safety glass, it not only draws attention to the shopping center from train passengers but also car drivers with the adjoining…

Glasfassade bei Höffner
Furniture Store Höffner, Neuss (GER)

Play of colors due to TG-PROTECT®color The new home-center Höffner in Düsseldorf-Neuss is the biggest all over the world. However, it not only stands out through its capacity, but rather impresses by the implementation of the exterior facades, which…

Ansicht Referenz
Sugar City, Amsterdam (NED)

TG-THERM®plus creates connections In 2000, the improvement of an old industrial area of a sugar refinery was the beginning of Sugar City. The two sugar silos were completely new designed und are nowadays used as offices and show rooms. Meanwhile, the…

Ansicht Referenz
Hotel Hamburg Golden Tulip, Berlin (GER)

Exclusive interior design with glass - Colorful accents with TG-LACK und TG-PROTECT®color The cultural highlights for tourists in Berlin are unlimited: Alexanderplatz, Kurfürstendamm,memorials, buildings, museums – there is something for every taste…

Ansicht Referenz
Bus station, Bad Neustadt (GER)

Design offensive in the test city of electro mobility – several glass cubes and one pavilion of technology are now shining in multi-colored splendor made out of laminated glass TG-PROTECT®color and digital printed glass. In the course of remediation…

Hosena Elementary School, Senftenberg (GER)

Safety shows its colours - Modernisation with TG-PROTECT®color The original building of the Hosena Elementary School in Senftenberg was built in 1897 and was fit with a coloured glass facade during modernisation work in the years 2010-2012 that…