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Bus station, Bad Neustadt (GER)

Design offensive in the test city of electro mobility – several glass cubes and one pavilion of technology are now shining in multi-colored splendor made out of laminated glass TG-PROTECT®color and digital printed glass.

In the course of remediation work the German city Bad Neustadt on the Saale has also redesigned the central bus station of the city from scratch. The result makes an essential contribution to the modern townscape. Eight-barrier free bus-stops are now reachable by the busses of Neustadt and a dynamic passenger information system detects and reports on the daily public transport. The modern alignment of the station was completed by a photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the waiting areas and the charging station for electric bicycles. 

For this project Thiele Glas produced a total of 553 laminated glass panels TG-PROTECT®color provided with 6 differently colored interlayers for the illuminated below view and the edge of the roof as well as the glazing of the lighted cubes and the technology pavilion. 43 panels of TG-PRINTdigital have also been provided with ceramic digital printing in three different colors and thereby advertise the ‘electro mobility’ of bycycles in Bad Neustadt. By night the place becomes a special visual highlight for every observer because of its glass cubes which are backlit by LED’s. A modern, prepared-for-the-future traffic junction of all bus lines has been established.

Object Name: bus station Bad Neustadt
Object Type:
  • traffic
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2013
Client: Stadt Bad Neustadt a. d. Saale
Architect: Franke + Messmer, Emskirchen 
Other participants: VORNDRAN Metallbau (metal construction and glazing)
Glass Types:
  • TG-PROTECT®color
  • TG-PRINTdigital
Glass Amount: about 300 m²
Glass Panes: 553 panes
Image Rights: © gerhard hagen fotografie

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