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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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sun protection insulating glass

TG-THERM®sun is an insulating glass element consisting of one, two or more individual sheets. Thiele Glas has one of the largest facilities in the world for the fabrication of insulating glass.When required, TG-THERM®sun can be equipped with widely varying properties or combinations thereof. TG-THERM® offers exceptional possibilities for applications in the areas of insulation, sound-proofing, sun protection and security.

An optimal combination of these characteristics results in significant energy savings and, through the associated reduction in fuel consumption, contributes actively to climate protection. With the use of coated glass it is possible to fabricate multi-functional insulating glass for nearly every special need. 

Due to special coating TG-THERM®sun reflects more UV light than conventional glass. Thus TG-THERM®sun offers a higher sun protection and is therefore particularly suitable for large-are glazing of facades and roofs.

Technical data and information

  • maximal dimension: up to 3,210 x 18,000 mm.
  • overall thickness: up to 100 mm, total sheet weight: up to 7,000 kg
  • circumferential multi-phase sealing
  • installation of framing for structural glazing is possible
  • available as pointwise supported insulating glass
  • can be combined with all special glasses and security classifications available from Thiele Glas
  • tested certification of noise-reduction up to 52 dB
  • Ug-values down to 0.4 w/qmk in the case of 3-layer insulating glass

Areas of application

  • facades
  • display window
  • roofs / canopies
  • windows
  • doors
  • partition walls
sun protectionUV protectionheat protection
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On the following pages you will experience the fascination of glass in its application. The use of glass in exterior and interior architecture sets accents in the design of exterior facades, roofs, showers, doors, stairs and even wall glazing!


Selected project references for TG-THERM®sun

St. Jakobshalle Foyer
St. Jakobshalle Basel (CH)

This event location has a capacity of about 13,000 people and may be converted for various occasions. The reconstruction was ment to make this place even more inviting and open. This is why the façade consists of the insulating glass…

Aussichtsplattform, Glasbänke
Space Needle, Seattle (USA)

During the past years the most extensive rebuilding activities since the establishment of the space needle took place. In doing so the glass balustrade was renewed, glass benches at the viewing platform were created and the restaurant was equipped with…

Ansicht Referenz
Soccer Experience Center, London (GBR)

In the course of a stadium construction an Experience Center was created right next door. This is not only the home of the ticket and fan shop but also for a cinema, a café and the club museum. And even the building itself is a real eye catcher for the…

Ansicht Referenz
Museum August Macke Haus, Germany (GER)

Short but memorable was the life of August Macke in Bonn. Now the historical residential building of the artist was expanded with a modern extension in form of an impressive glass facade of 332 m2 and Offers visitors after the reopening in December…

Ansicht Referenz
Office building Infinity, Amsterdam (NLD)

Since the beginning of the millennium the glass Palace which is called „Infinity“ and situated in Amsterdam has become a landmark of the city. To ensure a weather-independent view into the sky, the atrium, the heart of the building, has now been…

Ansicht Referenz Princess Maxima
Prinses Máxima Centrum, Utrecht (NLD)

Since 2017, a colorful glass bridge in Utrecht, Netherlands, ensures an extraordinary color play. It connects the Wilhelmina childrens hospital and the Prinses Maxima Centrum with a length of 160 meters. A total of 1,258 m2 of glass with 15…

MHK Zentrale, Dreieich (GER)

„Strong and courageously into the future” – that is one of the slogans of the MHK Group. So that these are not just empty words, the new European headquarters illustrate exactly those characteristics: modern, trendsetting and stable. Not only is the…

Restaurant Glasfassade
Eilguthalle, Lindau (GER)

As a result a frameless glass façade was desired concerning the modernization and the new restaurant extension that connects the landmarked old building in an elegant and modern way with the new construction. TG-THERM®sun with protection against the…

Ansicht Refernz
shoe shelf shop, Neumünster (GER)

With a modern look and plenty of natural light, the Shoe Shelf Shop in Neumünster (Germany) invites everyone to shop. Particularly not only is the (shoe-)boxed architecture, but also the pane construction. On the one hand, the sun protection glass…

Ansicht Referenz Richard-Wagner-Museum Bayreuth
Richard Wagner Museum, Bayreuth (GER)

Since 1976, the former residential building of the famous German composer Richard Wagner is open to the public as one of three museum complexes. In July 2015, a transparent extension to the main building was completed in the center of the historic…

Ansicht Referenz
Turkish Embassy, Berlin (GER)

Oriental ornaments in a modern metropolis Spotlight on roof glazing and designer partitions refined with TG-PRINT   The entrance out of cooper shimmers in the setting sun. The Turkish crescent with star shines bright. Since October 2012, the Republic…

Ansicht Schaufenster Telekom
Telekom, Cologne (GER)

Ideal insulation and a clear view with TG-PROVIEW and TG-THERM®sun Well situated in the center of Cologne the two-floor flagship store of the Telekom Deutschland GmbH perfectly demonstrates after complete renovation that glass design and functionality…

Ansicht Referenz Privatvilla mit Glasfront
Villa K. Thuringia (GER)

Top-quality insulation and timeless design With its interior and exterior design the villa K in Thuringia perfectly suits to the unaffected surrounding nature and simultaneously presents exclusive design. The uncomplicated and innovative appearance is…

Ansicht Referenz
European Hansemuseum, Lübeck (GER)

History and traditions – modern reprocessed The European Hansemuseum in the north west of the old town island of Lübeck presents on a total surface of 7,405 square meters the 600-years Hansa history. In addition to the large number of historical…

Ansicht Referenz
LWL Museum, Münster (GER)

Breath-taking insight and view with TG-THERM®sun The reconstruction of the LWL-Museum for art and culture is completed after 5 years building period. Therewith the museum increases its exhibition area by 1,800 square meters to a total of 7,500 square…

Halle 3a Nürnbergmesse (GER)

Architectural excellence meets functionality – energy-efficient sun-protection glazing out of TG-THERM®sun floods the exhibition hall with light The new 3A Hall towers above the surrounding buildings of the Nuremberg Trade Fair with elegance and an…

Ansicht Referenz
Canteen Kassel University (GER)

From now on students will eat in a stylish ambience - visual and functional enhancement of the canteen by using Thiele glasses. The run on much sought-after university places is high in Kassel. The amount of the annual enrollments is noticeably…

Ansicht Referenz in der Antarktis
Polar station, Bharati (ATA)

Modern research station in the Antarctic – view on the eternal ice thanks to a glass façade made by Thiele Glas Located on the peninsula of Larsemann Hills region in the north-eastern part of the Antarctic the Indian research station Bharati provides…

Ansicht Glasfassade Innenhof
Shopping Centre EK3, Kamp-Lintfort (GER)

A glass façade and a bright inner courtyard confer more transparency and ease on the EK3 shopping mall of Kamp-Lintfort’s city centre. Until now the three young oaks give only a little shade. But it seems that they already have spread their leaves on…

Glasbrücke Möbel Hardeck
Möbel Hardeck, Bochum (GER)

Europe's first carbon-neutral furniture shop - high-efficiency solar protection with TG-THERM®sun In the autumn of 2010, the first carbon-neutral furniture shop in Europe opened in Bochum. The first two-storey glass furniture shop is one-of-a-kind in…

Glasfassade XXXL Gläser
Landessparkasse Oldenburg (GER)

A new development with forward-looking tradition - glass halls and walkways with TG-THERM®sun The Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO) is the oldest savings bank in the world. Founded in 1776, it has been headquartered in the city of Oldenburg, in the…

Ansicht Referenz
CUBE Service Center, Münster (GER)

CUBE - Creative companies bundle energy - Installing TG-THERM®sun at the Kreativkai in Münster, Germany CUBE, in the city harbour, is an impressive office building built in Münster in 2007. While there are almost exclusively historic buildings in the…