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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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Balconies, Railings and Balustrades

Create security and transparency

In the first place railings and balustrades are designed to protect people from fall. Of course - safety first. So what about installing modern, transparent and elegant separations instead of conventional railings? Our glass solutions create visual highlights and transparency for railings and balustrades.

Our basic safety glasses TG-ESG® und TG-PROTECT® are available with various finishing options. TG-PROTECT® DG/-S,  a laminated safety glass with extra strength by using an extremely resistant and robust PVB film, offers increased safety. All of our safety glasses can additionally been printed, laquered or enamelled (with TG-PRINT, TG-PRINTdigital, TG-LACK or TG-EMAILLE) or combined with colored films, that offer a huge variety, optimally matched to your interior design (TG-PROTECT®color). You can create your individual railings and balustrades.

Thiele Glas products for balconies

Glaskasten Kunstwerkschutz
Laminated safety glass

TG-PROTECT® consists of two or more panes joined together using an extremely tear-resistant interlayer. 

Treppe mit absturzsicherem Glasgeländer
High End Laminated Glass

TG-PROTECT® SGP is characterized by particularly high resistance even under tough conditions.