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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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glass worktops and back panels

TG-TOP is synonymous with high-quality glass solutions for the kitchen and living area. It is ideally suited for example for worktops, back panels, kitchen fronts and windowsills made from glass. Customized specifically to the client’s wishes, TG-TOP can be transparent, translucent or opaque colored.  

Advantages of TG-TOP: hygienic, easy to clean and sturdy. As a thermally pre-stressed glass, it exhibits superior temperature, impact and shock resistance. Even large-format worktops up to 6,000 mm are possible.

Technical data and information

  • superior thermal and mechanical resistance
  • flawless, sophisticated look
  • exclusive technology
  • hygienic and easy to clean
  • can be supplied up to 6,000 mm

TG-TOP is available in the following formats: TG-TOP basis, TG-TOP base, TG-TOP steelbase, TG-TOP sreen und TG-TOP screenlite.

More detailed differences are explained in the following diagram:

  Glass- / total thickness description edge types
TG-TOPbasis 10 mm/
11 mm
underneath laminated
in pearl white or black
polieshed edge(s)
TG-TOPsteelbase 10 mm/
to 25 mm
multiplex carrier sheet, painted clear edge(s) with
stainless steel
flush finished
TG-TOPbase 10 mm/
to 30 mm
multiplex carrier sheet, painted clear edge(s) with
stainless steel
or aluminium
TG-TOPsreen 6 mm/
7 mm 
back laminated polieshed edge(s)
TG-TOPscreenlite 6 mm/
16 mm 
back with
10 mm particle board
as carrier sheet, white
edge(s) white

Areas of application

  • kitchen worktops
  • kitchen back panels
  • decorative glass
  • shelves for furniture
  • furniture / accessories
Coating design
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On the following pages you will experience the fascination of glass in its application. The use of glass in exterior and interior architecture sets accents in the design of exterior facades, roofs, showers, doors, stairs and even wall glazing!


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