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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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  • Bathrooms
    Enjoy wellness

    Nowadays bathrooms are not just only bathrooms in the traditional sense – they are also wellness and relaxing oases. Aesthetic,…

  • Reception areas
    Reception areas
    Attracting visitors

    First impression counts and who does not want to fascinate visitors with modern and stylish furnishings? Our diverse products and…

  • Functional walls
    Functional walls
    Optical separation & color insertion

    Dividing elements made of glass divide or connect rooms. According to your needs rooms can be visually enlarged or separated.

  • Railings
    Transparent Safety

    In the first place railings and balustrades are designed to protect people from fall.

  • Kitchen
    A new experience in cooking

    Today a modern kitchen is mostly the heart of residential events. It is not only a room for cooking and ingestion, it is also room…

  • Furniture
    Realize dreams of living

    Not only large areas can fascinate with glass design. Although small glass applications for every day use or as decoration element…

  • Stairs & Floors
    Stairs & Floors
    Walk-on Glass

    Transparent space design concepts are gaining increasing significance in modern architecture.

  • (Sliding) Doors
    (Sliding) Doors
    Demonstrate openness

    Glass doors not only convey exclusivity, they also significantly contribute to better light conditions and visually larger spaces.…

  • Wall coverings
    Wall coverings
    Combine materials

    Plastered, wallpapered or tiled walls are no longer a highlight in interior design.

  • Surface
    Coated glass

    We supply special glass surface coatings for different application areas to provide our clients more functionality and…

  • Mirrors
    The perfect Image

    Mirrors not only serve to check the external appearance, they also open and enlarge rooms and bring light into living and business…