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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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High End Laminated Glass

TG-PROTECT® SGP is one of the Thiele Glas laminated safety glass products. It is particularly distinguished by its high resistance even under tough conditions. This results from the use of the ionoplast interlayer SentryGlas® instead of a normal polymer interlayer (PVB). TG-PROTECT® SGP has a siginificantly higher strength with better residual strength whereas thinner glass compositions are generally possible. Additionally, SentryGlas® is nearly colour neutral and therefore edges no longer appear yellow. Furthermore, this glass composite shows hardly any changes in the physical properties even at high temperatures. Due to its saltwater resistance, the product is also especially suitable for use in coastal areas.

More details are metioned in our product brochure, it also briefly explains the differences between TG-PROTECT® SGP und TG-PROTECT® SGP/-S.

Technical data and information

  • maximum dimensions: 3,210 x 18,000 mm
  • colour: clear
  • heat and saltwater resistant
  • higher strength with improved residual strength
  • significantly improved edge stability under tough conditions
  • more colour neutral than PVB-interlayers
  • shear coupling possible TG-PROTECT® SGP/-S

Areas of application

  • stairs / bridges
  • balconies / balustrades / parapets
  • partition walls
  • impact-proof glazing
  • roofs / canopies
  • structural glass construction
  • point-fixed glazing
impact resistant safety plus splinters binding



On the following pages you will experience the fascination of glass in its application. The use of glass in exterior and interior architecture sets accents in the design of exterior facades, roofs, showers, doors, stairs and even wall glazing!


Selected project references for TG-PROTECT® SGP/-S

Aussichtsplattform, Glasbänke
Space Needle, Seattle (USA)

During the past years the most extensive rebuilding activities since the establishment of the space needle took place. In doing so the glass balustrade was renewed, glass benches at the viewing platform were created and the restaurant was equipped with…

Ansicht Referenz
Soccer Experience Center, London (GBR)

In the course of a stadium construction an Experience Center was created right next door. This is not only the home of the ticket and fan shop but also for a cinema, a café and the club museum. And even the building itself is a real eye catcher for the…

Ansicht Referenz
Retirement home, Kulmbach (GER)

Since 2017 three printed glass fins decorate the entrance area of the Heiner-Stenglein retirement and nursing home in Kulmbach. The so called „Wegzeichen“ from the Bavarian artist symbolize the circle of human life from its birth to the death and…

Treppe mit Glasbrüstumg
Stair-rail at ABT, Velp (NED)

Glass and concrete are not visibly connected and still provide a stable hold – this construction offers completely new design opportunities to architects. The stair-rail in the Dutch engineering office ABT is made of two nearly seven meters long…

Ansicht Referenz
Posnania Shopping Mall, Poznan (POL)

With nearly 300 boutiques, restaurants and stores the Posnania Shopping Mall in Poznan ranks among the big-gest shopping malls in Europe. So that the building still appears spacious, the different floors are connected by a huge glass staircase.…