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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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anti-reflective glass

TG-PROVIEW glass is a coating on the basis of the manufacturer productPilkington OptiViewTM OW with remarkably low light reflection.
We can now also offer TG-PROVIEW as tempered safty glass, heat-strengthened glass and in XXXL-format. The glass is coated with a special anti-reflective coating and can therefore be used in contexts where unlimited, clear visibility is absolutely necessary. For example, TG-PROVIEW is especially suited for display window glazing, glass cabinets and showrooms.

The optimal result is achieved through further processing and upgrading TG-PROVIEW to TG-PROTECT®. Furthermore, a processing to TG-THERM® is also possible.

TG-PROVIEW-AR is a both-side anti-reflective glass for which the raw material AMIRAN® is processing and tempered. TG-PROVIEW is available in sizes of up to 6,000 x 3,210 mm (project-related up to 18,000 x 3,210 mm) and TG-PROVIEW-AR up to 1,770 x 1,200 mm.

Technical data and information

  • anti-reflective coating
  • can be further processed to TG-PROTECT® and TG-THERM® (more than one side anti-reflective possible)
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor application
  • please consider special care instruction

Benchmarking float glass to TG-PROVIEW:

glass type con­struc­tion composite
light trans­-
mis. TL
light reflec-
­tion RL
Ug value g value
in mm in % in % in W/m2K in %
lamination out of float glass 44.2 8,76 89 8 5,5 80
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW* 
not tempered
44.2 8,76 91 2 4,3 77
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW* 
44.4 9,52 91 2 4,3 75
lamination out of float glass  66.2 12,76 88 8 5,4 78
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW* 
not tempered
66.2 12,76 90 2 4,3 76
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW* 
66.4 13,52 90 2 4,1 75
lamination out of float glass 88.2 16,76 87 8 5,3 75
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW*
not tempered
88.2 16,76 90 2 4,2 75
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW*
88.2 17,52 90 2 4,1 74
lamination out of float glass 1010.2 20,76 86 8 5,2 73
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW*
not tempered
1010.2 20,76 90 2 4,1 75
lamination out of TG-PROVIEW*
1010.2 21,52 90 2 4,1 73

*Anti-reflective coating on pos. 1 and 2, on low-iron glass

Areas of application

  • showcases
  • furniture / accessories
  • display window
  • partition walls
  • windows
  • doors



On the following pages you will experience the fascination of glass in its application. The use of glass in exterior and interior architecture sets accents in the design of exterior facades, roofs, showers, doors, stairs and even wall glazing!


Selected project references for TG-PROVIEW

Ansicht Schaufenster Telekom
Telekom, Cologne (GER)

Ideal insulation and a clear view with TG-PROVIEW and TG-THERM®sun Well situated in the center of Cologne the two-floor flagship store of the Telekom Deutschland GmbH perfectly demonstrates after complete renovation that glass design and functionality…