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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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Wall coverings

Combine materials

Plastered, wallpapered or tiled walls are no longer a highlight in interior design. Put on the trend wall glazing and bring your walls with photo-realistic designs to life. You can be sure of an inspiring room atmosphere especially with backlit glass panels.

Our basic glasses TG-ESG® and TG-PROTECT® can be processed with complicated motives in an impressive size up to 3,300 x 6,100 mm (TG-PRINTdigital). This allows you to upgrade your walls with only one pane. Furthermore standard screen printing motives (TG-PRINT), colored films (TG-PROTECT®color) or laquered glass panes (TG-LACK) can be used for interior design.

Thiele Glas products for wall coverings

Glasfassade mit roten ESG-Scheiben
Tempered safety glass

Tempered safety glass is the basis for many flat-glass applications, inside and outside. TG-ESG® is an excellent product for monolithic safety glazing…

Sideboard mit farbigen Glasfronten vor einer gelben Dekorglaswand
lacquered glass

Through the use of colour, interesting accents can be set and representative designs created.

Bedruckte Funktionstrennwand im Bürogebäude
ceramic digital printing on glass

Digital printing is a printing technology which opens up additional possibilities for customised creative design as well as new areas of applications.

Ansicht Glasscheibe mit grünen Punkten
perfect design

Flate glass becomes a design object thanks to screen printing and enamelling. Different decors and a broad range of colours are available.

Ansicht Grasaufzug
Laminated safety glass

Due to this outstanding property TG-PROTECT®-TVG is predestinated for overhead and structural glazing.