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Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously unimagined possibilities both in facade design and in interior design.

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On the following pages you will experience the fascination of glass in use. Selected national and international reference objects that have been designed with our products show you what is possible. The use of glass in exterior and interior architecture sets accents in the design of exterior facades, roofs, showers, glass curtains, doors, stairs and even wall glazing! We realize your visions and find individual solutions together to implement your ideas. Subject-related reference examples can be found in the categories interior, exterior and design for the individual products.

We realize your visions and together we find individual solutions to make your ideas real. See our innovative glass products and be inspired!

  • Glaskasten Nijmegen
    De Bastei Nijmegen (NLD)

    At the foot of the Valkhof hill, there is the Natural and Cultural History Museum, which exhibits finds from the past, especially from the Roman and Late Middle Ages.

  • St. Jakobshalle Foyer
    St. Jakobshalle Basel (CH)

    Rock concert or General Assembly, tennis tournament or big TV show, opera stage or riding course – St. Jakobshalle Basel is the most multifunctional hall in Switzerland.

  • Aussichtsplattform, Glasbänke
    Space Needle, Seattle (USA)

    Since the early 1960s the Space Needle has embellished the skyline of Seattle. The tower was built for the world exposition 1962 and is home to the first rotatable restaurant in the world what makes it the scene of many famous movies.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Soccer Experience Center, London (GBR)

    In the course of a stadium construction an Experience Center was created right next door. This is not only the home of the ticket and fan shop but also for a cinema, a café and the club museum.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Schlossparkklinik, Dirmstein (GER)

    The assembly of customized tempered glass. With the help of modern CAD technology and a close collaboration with our customer Glasmalerei Wollentin we created a solution which ensures safety for all patients, staff and guests of historical monuments.

  • From planning to completion

    Innovative glass products and new dimensions in glass finishing enable individual, previously undreamt-of possibilities both in facade design ...

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Eduard Mörike Karree, Wiesbaden (GER)

    When art and education go hand in hand, a backyard turns into an oasis of well-being. Since the design of the promenade in the Eduard Mörike Karree in Wiesbaden, nine large glass exhibits have decorated the pathways.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Retirement home, Kulmbach (GER)

    „Nature and history, God and the world - and in between man with all its passion and abysses of his existence“, says Gerhard Popp, artist of the colorful illustrations.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Museum August Macke Haus, Germany (GER)

    Short but memorable was the life of August Macke in Bonn. Now the historical residential building of the artist was expanded with a modern extension in form of an impressive glass facade of 332 m2 and Offers visitors after the reopening in December 2017 not only glimpses into the…

  • Ansicht Referenz AMOS REX
    Amos Rex Art Museum, Helsinki (FIN)

    „The concept of the museum is to be as open as possible. This reflects also in the architecture of the building. It is a part of the city“ explains Asmo Jaaksi, leading architect of the project. Mission completed – the roof looks like a ground level, a place with abstract art.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Office building Infinity, Amsterdam (NLD)

    Since the beginning of the millennium the glass Palace which is called „Infinity“ and situated in Amsterdam has become a landmark of the city. 

  • Ansicht Referenz Schwimmbad
    Badeparadies Schwarzwald, Titisee-Neustadt (GER)

    The BADEPARADIES SCHWARZWALD in Titisee- Neustadt promises Caribbean feeling amid the High Black Forest. The leisure and adventure pool with a sauna area which was opened in 2010.

  • Ansicht Referenz Princess Maxima
    Prinses Máxima Centrum, Utrecht (NLD)

    Since 2017, a colorful glass bridge in Utrecht, Netherlands, ensures an extraordinary color play. It connects the Wilhelmina childrens hospital and the Prinses Maxima Centrum with a length of 160 meters.

  • Glasfassade
    MHK Zentrale, Dreieich (GER)

    „Strong and courageously into the future” – that is one of the slogans of the MHK Group. So that these are not just empty words, the new European headquarters illustrate exactly those characteristics: modern, trendsetting and stable.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Cold-bent protection, Melsungen (GER)

    The new office room of the B. Braun Melsungen AG turned into an architectural highlight. A glass Partition wall was installed for fall protection measures that optically nestles agaist the likewise newly built spiral staircase.

  • Restaurant Glasfassade
    Eilguthalle, Lindau (GER)

    The region around Lake Constance was and always has been a place of international (trade) connections. Therefore the Eilguthalle in Lindau is a traditional place of Encounter and communication.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    PlusCity, Linz (AUT)

    The tram station at PlusCity in Linz presents itself as colorful and welcoming. With almost 1,400 m2 of colored laminated safety glass, it not only draws attention to the shopping center from train passengers but also car drivers with the adjoining pedestrian tunnel crossing the…

  • Referenzbild
    Sparkasse Allgäu, Kempten (GER)

    Create an open work environment even with separated office and conference rooms – Auer Weber architects and artist Brigitte Waldach faced up to this Task in regards to the new construction of the Sparkasse Allgäu.

  • Ansicht Refernz
    shoe shelf shop, Neumünster (GER)

    With a modern look and plenty of natural light, the Shoe Shelf Shop in Neumünster (Germany) invites everyone to shop. Particularly not only is the (shoe-)boxed architecture, but also the pane construction.

  • Treppe mit Glasbrüstumg
    Stair-rail at ABT, Velp (NED)

    Glass and concrete are not visibly connected and still provide a stable hold – this construction offers completely new design opportunities to architects.

  • Treppe aus Glas
    Cantilever glass stairs, Viborg (DNK)

    Transparent components, which can be placed in the right light as desired – this is how purely practical building parts become design objects. Thus, a glass staircase was installed in a Danish private house, in which the steps are only one-sided.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    International Airport Hong Kong (CHN)

    Grey concrete walls, endless gangways and countless escalators – a picture you can find at almost all airports. But the International Airport in Hong Kong literally stands out in this point.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Mall of Scandinavia, Stockholm (SWE)

    The „Mall of Scandinavia“ is one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe. More than 200 different stores are spread over approximately 100,000 square meter of floor space.

  • Ansicht Referenz Fassade Privatvilla
    Villa S. North Rhine-Westphalia (GER)

    Glass is almost indispensable in modern architecture and gives objects elegance and exclusivity.

  • Treppe aus Glas im Bürogebäude
    Glass Staircase, Beckum (GER)

    Innovative design opportunities are applied in an office building in Beckum,146 glass panes of TG-STEP were integrated in the new building.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Colorful Elevator, Aarhus (DNK)

    In the course of restauration works, a glass elevator of a Danish court-house in Aarhus obtaines a new, colorful design.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Posnania Shopping Mall, Poznan (POL)

    With nearly 300 boutiques, restaurants and stores the Posnania Shopping Mall in Poznan ranks among the big-gest shopping malls in Europe. So that the building still appears spacious, the different floors are connected by a huge glass staircase.

  • Ansicht Referenz Kulturpark
    Skulpturenpark, Neu-Ulm (GER)

    On flat glass panes more than three meters high and wide the installation is positioned in front of an office building in Neu-Ulm, Germany.

  • Ansicht Referenz Richard-Wagner-Museum Bayreuth
    Richard Wagner Museum, Bayreuth (GER)

    Since 1976, the former residential building of the famous German composer Richard Wagner is open to the public as one of three museum complexes. In July 2015, a transparent extension to the main building was completed in the center of the historic garden.

  • Ansicht Restaurant Glasfassade München
    Botanical Garden, Munich (GER)

    The Botanical Garden has been extended by a further glass building in 2015 and provides enough space as well as a bright and friendly atmosphere. This provide 16 glass panes out of TG-THERM®plus and TG-ESG®-H.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Dental Clinic, Berlin (GER)

    In 2011, a large-scale reconstruction started. In this context the dental surgery originated in the former Imperial Hall.The 208 m² large area with its mix of stylish design and latest technology creates an unusual and especially breathtaking ambience.

  • Ansicht Referenz JMB Akademie
    Akademy of the Jewish Museum, Berlin (GER)

    For the academy of Jewish Museum Berlin it was the aim to create a center of information and education which invites to linger in addition to self-studying.

  • Glasfassade bei Höffner
    Furniture Store Höffner, Neuss (GER)

    The new home-center Höffner not only stands out through its capacity, but rather impresses by the implementation of the exterior facades, which shine in three different shades of red and orange.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Turkish Embassy, Berlin (GER)

    Oriental ornaments in a modern metropolis. The approximately 30 million Euro building is the largest Turkish agency abroad all over the world

  • Ansicht Glasfassade Stadthaus Otterberg
    Old Town Hall, Otterberg (GER)

    TG-ESG®-H panes measured 930 × 2,441 mm now cover the new building of the Otterberger Stadthaus. 

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Hotel Victory, Erding (GER)

    The hot springs resort Erding which is Europe’s largest swimming and spa world, has gained one more attraction. The balustrades of their balconies are shaped like the bow of a ship and are made of the heat-strengthened laminated safety glass TG-PROTECT®-TVG. 

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Sugar City, Amsterdam (NED)

    A bridge, which connects both towers, was built. The bridge is constructed of four point-fixed insulating glass sheets TG-THERM®plus, each measuring 3,618 x 2,670 mm.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Frauenhofer-Institute, Aachen (GER)

    Colored glass elements out of TG-ESG®-H with multiple enameling were applied at an artwork project by the artist Annette Sauermann. It shows light drawings which were integrated in a building facade of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen.

  • Ansicht Schaufenster Telekom
    Telekom, Cologne (GER)

    Well situated in the center of Cologne the two-floor flagship store of the Telekom Deutschland GmbH perfectly demonstrates after complete renovation that glass design and functionality can be successfully combined.

  • Ansicht Referenz Privatvilla mit Glasfront
    Villa K. Thuringia (GER)

    Top-quality insulation and timeless design.With its interior and exterior design the villa K in Thuringia perfectly suits to the unaffected surrounding nature and simultaneously presents exclusive design.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    European Hansemuseum, Lübeck (GER)

    The museum presentation appears not least particularly impressive because of the three superior interior facades, for example in the showcase and excavation area, made out of TG-THERM®sunTG-THERM®plus and TG-PROTECT®.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Lorsch Abbey (GER)

    In the south-hessian Lorsch a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the 764 built monastery Lorsch – is located. In the frame of this project large-surface glass-doors out of TG-ESG® measured up to 1,003 x 3,804 mm and 12 mm thick were perfectly adapted.

  • Ansicht Referenz Glasfrontem Privatvilla
    Familyhome, Eindhoven (NED)

    A lot of additional space which completes the modern and bright design was created. Large-surface thermal insulation glass facades and windows by TG-THERM®plus, with dimensions up to 6,563 x 2,634 mm, give a modern appearance and a very particular charm to the house.

  • Glasüberdachung an Bushaltestelle
    ZOB, Hannover (GER)

    In Hannover, the new central bus station situated next to the Rundestraße. Since September 2014 the glazed roofing impresses by functionality as well as aesthetic cause it offers perfect protection against weathering and simultaneously combines artful aspects

  • Vitrinen hängen an der Wand
    Leica Headquaters, Wetzlar (GER)

    For the presentation of the exhibits Thiele Glas has fabricated in co-operation with the IMA International various exhibition display cabinets out of double laminated safety glazing TG-PROTECT® with 2 x 4 mm low-iron glass and TG-ESG® tempered safety glazing.

  • Ansicht VR-Bank Bad Aibling
    Volks- und Raiffeisenbank, Bad Aibling (GER)

    The new competence center of the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Rosenheim-Chiemsee eG: An innovative glass shell offers an appropriate design and best possible noise and climate protection.

  • Ansicht Referenz Glasfassade
    Education Park, Ezinge (NED)

    Strong colors decorate the exterior façade composed of 88 differently printed TG-PROTECT®-TVG glass panes. The graphic designs are made by the Dutch architects Driessen + Van Deijne in colaboration with atelier PRO.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Maters Houses in Dessau (GER)

    This extraordinary glass processing of the up to 7,317 x 1,779 mm big studio and staircase windows is based on tempered safety glass TG-ESG®-H. The panes are equipped with a thermal insulating coating and are processed to double or triple glazed IGU’S.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    LWL Museum, Münster (GER)

    The modern reconstruction offers a lot of halos and a large bright entrance hall. Windows measured up to 3,058 × 5,835 mm provide visitors a completely new perspective between the museums building and its surrounding.

  • Ansicht Referenzobjekt
    Forum Confluentes, Koblenz (GER)

    For interior partition walls of the construction Thiele Glas fabricated over 700 square meters laminated safety glass TG-PROTECT® and TG-PROTECT® ESH-H in compositions up to 24 mm and six interlayers.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Museum, Geretsried (GER)

    For the glazing of Geretsried museum Thiele Glas has produced three different black-white designs in total using the digital printing process. Displayed are expellees after their arrival in Geretsried where they usually must live in wood barracks for years.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Hotel Hamburg Golden Tulip, Berlin (GER)

    This example shows once more that colors add interesting accents and representative eye-catching designs. In combination with the processing of safety glass you get a decorative and safe flat glass product.

  • Kantine Glasabtrennung
    WGV, Stuttgart (GER)

    For the the company-own canteen a wall decoration made of digital printed glass. The motif, an abstract map of the central Neckar region, has been created by Hansjörg Schneider and Daniel Lordick and extends to the complete length of the casino wall.

  • Glashalle
    Halle 3a Nürnbergmesse (GER)

    Full length glass facades of our insulating glass TG-THERM®sun SN 51/28 HT consisting of laminated safety glass TG-PROTECT® with ceramic digital printing in dimensions up to 3100 x 5000 mm decorate two sides of the hall and provide optimal light conditions.

  • Ansicht Küchenrückwand mit Motiv
    Kitchen Design, Kirrweiler (GER)

    The kitchen: the most favoured place in every apartment and the center of social life. In fact there consists high demand on elegant room decoration in connection with effective kitchen solutions.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Bus station, Bad Neustadt (GER)

    For this project Thiele Glas produced a total of 553 laminated glass panels TG-PROTECT®color provided with 6 differently colored interlayers for the  the edge of the roof as well as the glazing of the lighted cubes and the technology pavilion.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Canteen Kassel University (GER)

    Thiele Glas produced for this project individual shaped glass (triangles and polygons) out of multifunctional insulating glass with sun-protecting coating TG-THERM®sun SKN 174 II in impressing dimensions up to 6280 x 3151 mm.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Buschmannshof, Herne-Wanne (GER)

    When the entire framework was completed the glazing of the slightly domed roof could start. As a forwarder of high-quality safety, insulating and design glazing Thiele Glas produced isosceles triangular panels of TG-PROTECT® for this project.

  • Referenz Glasvitrinen in Aachen
    Archaeological Showcase Elisengarten, Aachen (GER)

    The archaeological showroom distinguishes by the precision of the mostly pre-fabricated parts and the seeming transparency, harmonious fitting into the environment and the open stainless steel construction.

  • [Translate to EN:]
    Citytunnel Leipzig (GER)

    Thus 800 square meter roof glazing TG-PROTECT® out of 2 x 12 mm TG-TVG provide safety and a lot of incident daylight for the ‘Bayrischer Bahnhof’ station. For the two entrance buildings and hoist shafts 24 mm thick point-fixed laminated safety glass is used.

  • Ansicht Referenz in der Antarktis
    Polar station, Bharati (ATA)

    The big glass panels applied at the 15°-inclined exterior facade of the research station permit a unique view out of the ice. Furthermore a transmission of 57% allows a large amount of light to flood the inside of the building.

  • Ansicht Glasfassade für Höfe am Brühl in Leipzig
    Höfe am Brühl, Leipzig (GER)

    The shopping centre that is located in the heart of Leipzig opened in September 2012. Built in an area steeped in tradition, the arcade is divided into four areas of different themes, which also differ from each other in the design of their facades.

  • Ansicht Glaswände in Therme
    Wellness oasis Bogn Engadina, Scuol (CHE)

    The idyllic village Scoul in the Swiss National Park region is the perfect place to relax body and mind. On 5,000 square meters, the spa area Engiadina offers everything that visitors who are in search of rest and relaxation can imagine

  • Ansicht partielle Glasfassade
    Sparkasse, Döbeln (GER)

    Since December 2012 double insulated glazing TG-THERM® with ceramic digital printing TG-PRINTdigital decorates the new-constructed façade of the Döbeln Sparkasse-branch which is the birthplace of the important painter Erich Haeckel at the same time.

  • Glasfassade
    Hosena Elementary School, Senftenberg (GER)

    The perfect colour tone with the ideal intensity and guaranteed colour stability for many years; panes measuring up to 3,210 x 8,000 mm - these are the parameters that make TG-PROTECT®color a unique design tool for planners and architects. 

  • Ansicht Glasfassade Innenhof
    Shopping Centre EK3, Kamp-Lintfort (GER)

    The sloping down façade as well as the glass roof consist of TG-THERM®sun, an insulating glass with sun-protection coating.

  • Innenansicht Bürogebäude mit Glasfronten
    OMPI/WPO Geneva (CHE)

    The glass walls of the corridor area are decorated with floral patterns. The finely customised, extensive and continuous pattern creates a flowing spatial impression.

  • Glasbrücke Möbel Hardeck
    Möbel Hardeck, Bochum (GER)

    The extensive façade made from 930 panes of TG-THERM®sun (XTREME 60/28) offers optimal solar protection while still letting a great deal of sunlight enter the four showroom floors.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Michener Museum Pennsylvania (USA)

    The Wermsdorf site manufactured the TG-THERM® insulating glass delivered to the Roschmann Group, which was made from three layers of TG-PROTECT®-TVG as the outside sheet and two layers of TG-PROTECT®-TVG glass as the inside sheet, all in clear glass.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Galeria Kaufhof, Oldenburg (GER)

    This impressive appearance is made possible thanks to TG-PROTECT® laminated safety glass made from extra-clear glass in combination with frosted and clear films in the interlayer.

  • Glasfassade
    Parkgarage Grünwald (GER)

    The clearly structured guidance system, using a variety of colours, lighting and simple signage serves to guide drivers quickly to a free space and ensures they quickly find their vehicle after returning from shopping.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    IFW Dresden (GER)

    The heritage pressure tanks of the new helium liquefaction plant of the Leibnitz-Institute for solid and basic material research in Dresden showcase an extraordinary all-glass structure.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Publishing House, Bamberg (GER)

    The focus of the renovation measures, aside from creating an attractive working environment with functionally, were the environment aspects. For instance, in the entrance area, TG-THERM®plus insulating glass with a special thermal protection layer was used.

  • Glasfassade XXXL Gläser
    Landessparkasse Oldenburg (GER)

    The Landessparkasse zu Oldenburg (LzO) is the oldest savings bank in the world. The new complex consists of five four-story buildings and a ten-storey high-rise.

  • Ansicht Glasfassade EON
    Elevator glazing, Munich (GER)

    Thanks to this property, the panels are particularly transparent and have a very high light transmission. Two 10 mm Float Extra-Clear panels were used with a maximum size of 2,050 x 2,080 mm.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    Flagshipstore New Yorker, Braunschweig (GER)

    For the façade, the architects attached TG-THERM®plus UN II with 2 × TG-ESG®-H. Due to the construction of the façade, different models of window panes were installed.

  • Ansicht Referenz
    CUBE Service Center, Münster (GER)

    The glass boxes consist of TG-THERM®plus insulated glass with SGG COOL-LITE SKN 154. The panes of insulated glass are 900 kg heavy and up to approximately 4,000 x 2,700 mm large.