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Sparkasse, Döbeln (GER)

Complex reconstruction and artful facade design by TG-PRINTdigital

Large-surface digital prints measured up to 2,326 × 3,206 mm artistically integrate Erich Heckels painted works ‘Con Colleano’ of 1929 into the cityscape of Saxony’s district town Döbeln.

Since December 2012 double insulated glazing TG-THERM® with ceramic digital printing TG-PRINTdigital decorates the new-constructed façade of the Döbeln Sparkasse-branch which is the birthplace of the important painter Erich Haeckel at the same time. The nearby Thiele Glas site in Wermsdorf produced the nine flat glass panes. Subsequently glazing elements with a total surface of 37 square meters have been mounted accurately-fitting as safety-barrier glazing (with approval in individual case). The graphics department prepared the design and adapted it to the specific local conditions. The round door and running profiles were taken into account in the adaptation motive, so that in the facade a homogeneous image view could been achieved. The color burnt on the glass achieves a pleasant blinds effect from inside and outside. Due to its translucence the colorful design still admits sufficient light into the entrance hall of the building.

Object Name: Sparkasse Döbeln
Object Type:
  • facade design
Construction Type:
  • extension
  • renovation
Construction Time: 2010 - 2012
Client: Sparkasse Döbeln
Architect: Liebold Architekten & Ing.
Executing Company: Baierl & Demmelhuber Innenausbau GmbH
Glass Types:
  • TG-THERM®plus
  • TG-PRINTdigital
Glass Amount: 37 m²
Glass Panes: 9 panes
Dimensions: up to 2,326 × 3,206 mm
Image Rights: © Janine Carina Otto, Sparkasse Döbeln

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