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Thiele Glas – Transparent Innovation

Thiele Glas opens up completely new perspectives. Who wants to use extraordinary glass solutions in a perfect quality finds the ideal partner in Thiele Glas. Our unrivaled maximum dimensions provide planners and developers new possibilities and the high quality finishings by Thiele Glas let your imagination run free. We supply toughened safety glass, laminated safety glass, insulating glass and innovative design products like printed glasses for highest demands.

Another advantage: individual planning and creative ideas garant customized solutions. This suits for small and large production series as well as for individual production. Thiele Glas is craftsmanship combined with the latest technology, high flexibility and a dedicated team with many years of experience. But not only our Thiele Glas products convince clients, also our service is unique. Delivery is adapted to individual wishes and requirements, which minimizes the risk of breaking glass by optimal production processes. Another advantage for Thiele Glas partners: Our in-house training. You can find more information under “consultation”. Thiele Glas is situated in Germany with the sites Wermsdorf & Radeberg (Saxony), Schrozberg & Amtzell (Baden-Württemberg) and Worms (Rheinland-Pfalz).

The Thiele AG is located in Lossatal/Körlitz (Saxony). It is responsible for the consulting of architects and planners especially in business objects and supports the official training center of Thiele Glas. If you want to experience glass new, just join us and convince yourself of our product variety and efficiency.


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