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Corporate Principles

Tradition and innovation
As a family-owned business with almost 30 years tradition, we are guided by the orientation toward long-term success and the will to actively participate in the innovative change. We use the advantages of a medium-sized company structure – without discarding modern organization and management principals. Our independence and autonomy also form the basis for a successful development of the company in future. Fairness and confidence guide us in everything we do.

Employees and success
Satisfied customers and employees are our motivation. We aspire to be among the best in the industry and to continue our development. We strive for constant company growth and invest in research and development, technology and training of our staff. Our employees are our most valuable asset. They are characterized by a high level of performance, established expertise, reliability and loyalty. Creating long term secure employment, fair wage as well as equal opportunities for women and men is a self-evident maxim for us. Furthermore we preserve the privacy of our personnel and renounce all forms of discrimination.

Suppliers and partners

From our suppliers we expect high and perpetual quality. Therefore we work with elegible partners whose quality capability is controlled and evaluated regularly. Our goal is to build a long-term cooperative partnership. The prerequisite for this is the competition in quality, delivery service, price as well as elaboration of solutions to specific problems. We expect honesty, integrity, fairness as well as compliance with our company guidelines from our suppliers, intermediaries, subcontractors and their employees. Of course, we commit ourselves to behave in the same way towards our customers.

Reliability and quality
We provide our customers with products of the highest-quality and our customers set the benchmark for it. In order to ensure the delivery of flawless products, we work with a practice-oriented quality management system. Additionally, each employee is jointly responsible for the quality of our products. Reliability in terms of delivery, functionality and service are a further standard for us. 

Our leadership
Our executive managers are role models and impart the values of the Thiele Glas company group through everyday initiative actions. Personal and professional competences are fundamental requirements for all executive positions. We expect and encourage our personnel and constitute the basis for a constructive cooperation. This is the only way to set new impulses for innovation.

Environment, responsibility and sustainability
Compliance with legal and agreed environmental standards is a matter of course for us. Although the preferably economical use of natural resources is obligatory for us. This applies both to our production and our products. We regularly optimize our manufacturing processes in order to contribute the economical sustainability and prefer the use of sustainably managed, renewable resources. Moreover, we try to have as less wastage of our production as possible. Certainly our suppliers are merged in this process.