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Forum Confluentes, Koblenz (GER)

Renovation of Central Square inspired by nature. Interior partition walls for ample foyer created by TG-PROTECT®

By rearranging the central square Koblenz acquired an additional highlight which combines unique architecture and urban functionality. With the lively mix of culture, tourism, shopping and sophisticated design the cultural building ‘Forum Confluentes’ and the shopping mall ‘Forum Mittelrhein’ shape the cityscape. For this spectacular project architects were inspired by the nature: Like rocks which are sculpted by the current and lead the water into the right direction the lines of the buildings guide visitors past the ample ‘Piazza’.

Since spring 2013 the Forum Confluentes’ center offers enough space for culture and education. On a total surface of 12.000 sqm the Mittelrhein-Museum, tourism center as well as the municipal library find their home amongst others. The triangular-shaped five-floor ground plan creates a great contrast to the horizontal building of the ‘Forum Mittelrhein’. The printed double façade with rounded corners allows the inner life to shine through in the evening. In the center of this unique building dominates the wide Atrium. For interior partition walls of the construction Thiele Glas fabricated over 700 square meters laminated safety glass TG-PROTECT® and TG-PROTECT® ESH-H in compositions up to 24 mm and six interlayers. For a special precious appearance grey-colored tempered heat-soaked float glass sized up to 2,940 x 4,580 mm was used.

Opposite to the Forum Confluentes the shopping mall ‘Forum Mittelrhein’ which won the Imobilienmanager-Award in the category ‘project development reconstruction’ in 2013 is located. Also for this building Thiele Glas produced various panels thereunder double laminated safety glass TG-PROTECT® out of low-iron as well as white painted TG-LACK panes measured 2,223 x 2,390 mm.

Object Name: Forum Confluentes Koblenz
Object Type:
  • cultural buildings
Construction Type:
  • modernisation
Construction Time: 2010 - 2013
Architect: Benthem Crouwel Architects,  Aachen/Amsterdam
Executing Company: Glasbau Gipser GmbH, Halle (Saale)
Glass Types:
Glass Amount: about 700 m²
Image Rights: © Thomas Eicken

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