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Office building Infinity, Amsterdam (NLD)

Since the beginning of the millennium the glass Palace which is called „Infinity“ and situated in Amsterdam has become a landmark of the city. To ensure a weather-independent view into the sky, the atrium, the heart of the building, has now been covered with a glass roof. Therefore the insulating glass TG-THERM®sun was used which offers a special sunprotection. This is ensured by using a coating that is highly transparent and is still protective against heat radition. A special highlight of the building are the cold-bent glass panes. During the installation to the support structure the panes have been cold bent. This process is very economical and energy-efficient, because the panes do not have to be heated again to obtain the desired shape.

Object Name: Office building Infinity, Amsterdam
Object Type:
  • office building
  • administration building
Construction Type:
  • extension
Construction Time: 2017
Client: REI Netherlands Development BV
Architect: MVSA Architects, Netherlands
Executing Company: Si-X, Benthuizen
Glass Types:
  • TG-THERM®sun
Glass Amount: 272 m²
Glass Panes: 30 panes
Dimensions: up to 6,300 x 1,482 mm
Image Rights: © Pieter Kers/

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