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Hosena Elementary School, Senftenberg (GER)

Safety shows its colours - Modernisation with TG-PROTECT®color

The original building of the Hosena Elementary School in Senftenberg was built in 1897 and was fit with a coloured glass facade during modernisation work in the years 2010-2012 that creates a connection between the old building and the new addition - between conventional and modern architecture. The corridor between the buildings features a connecting passage that is walled in with glass on both sides and features yellow-orange tones throughout. The colourful design of the facade of the school building is meant to improve the lighting, to visualise the purposes of the rooms and to make the movement of the sun visible as a teaching tool during class.

Thiele Glas manufactured the glass at their site in Wermsdorf out of laminated safety glass with a layer of coloured PVB film, namely Vanceva® films from Solutia Inc. Five different coloured film combinations were used in the external laminated safety glass panes of the laminated panel and finished as TG-PROTECT®color .
This Thiele Glas product is a laminated safety glass that distinguishes itself with its particularly broad spectrum of colours that outshines standard coloured glass.
The combination of the 14 different base colour films allows more than 1,000 transparent, translucent and opaque colour nuances to be created.

The perfect colour tone with the ideal intensity and guaranteed colour stability for many years; panes measuring up to 3,210 x 8,000 mm - these are the parameters that make TG-PROTECT®color a unique design tool for planners and architects. TG-PROTECT®color  was developed with Thiele Glas’ long-standing partner Solutia Inc., which makes a significant contribution to the production of innovative Thiele Glas products with its Vanceva® and Saflex® brands.

Object Name: Elementary School Hosena
Object Type:
  • education buildings
Construction Type:
  • modernisation
Construction Time: 2010 - 2012
Client: Stadt Senftenberg
Architect: Annett Birkigt - BiKo planen + überwachen, Senftenberg
Executing Company: FGT Glaswerk GmbH, Kleinkoschen
Glass Types:
  • TG-PROTECT®color
Dimensions: up to 3,210 x 8,000 mm
Image Rights: © Steffen Haufe

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