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Schlossparkklinik, Dirmstein (GER)

The castle of Koeth-Wanscheid in Dirmstein (situated in Palatine) is a place of calm and recovery for psychosomatic diseased people. The manor house, built in the era of late baroque and classicism, offers with its large close-by garden, exclusiv rooms and the latest therapy facilities perfect conditions for mental recovery. The desire for acoustic and climate protection was a real challenge for the principals because the doors had to be replaced with the least possible harm of the historic stonework. The solution: The assembly of customized tempered glass. With the help of modern CAD technology and a close collaboration with our customer Glasmalerei Wollentin we created a solution which ensures safety for all patients, staff and guests as well as the preservation of historical monuments.

Object Name: Schlossparkklinik, Dirmstein
Object Type:
  • health care
Construction Type:
  • modernisation
Construction Time: 2019
Client: Schlossparkklinik, Dirmstein
Executing Company: Glaserei Wollentin, Worms
Glass Types:
  • TG-ESG®
Glass Amount: 7 m²
Glass Panes: 5 panes
Dimensions: up to 1,500 x 2,807 mm
Image Rights: © Glaserei Wollentin

Schlossparkklinik, Dirmstein Germany

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