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Colorful Elevator, Aarhus (DNK)

In the course of restauration works, a glass elevator of a Danish court-house in Aarhus obtaines a new, colorful design. Artist Marianne Gronnow used especially warm colors to integrate lightness and warmth in the historic building. Yellow, blue, dark red and black panes can now be found on the newly glazed elevator. This also shall create the connection between modern architecture, the old stairs and the granite columns. For this project Thiele Glas produced 86 panes of the laminated safety glass TG-PROTECT® that are refined with digital printing. The dimensions of the point-fixed glasses are up to 1,300 x 2,000 mm. All in all about 130 m2 of glass were installed in the restaurated building.


Object Name: digitally printed glass elevator
Object Type:
  • elevator glazing
Construction Type:
  • renovation
Construction Time: 2016
Client: Bygningsstyrelsen
Artist: Marianne Gronnow
Executing Company: H+ Arkitekter, Copenhagen
Glass Types:
  • TG-PRINTdigital
Glass Amount: 130 m²
Glass Panes: 86 panes
Dimensions: up to 1,300 x 2,000 mm
Image Rights: © Helene Hoyer Mikkelsen

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