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Akademy of the Jewish Museum, Berlin (GER)

On expedition through the Jewish history

For the academy of Jewish Museum Berlin it was the aim to create a center of information and education which invites to linger in addition to self-studying. With the extension of the present museum ensemble for German-Jewish history and culture around the Eric F. Ross building it was a success. Developed was an annex according to the scheme ‘Interspaces’ by Daniel Libeskind.

Three inclined cubes covered with wood in the entrance and interir area (library and auditorium) install a breathtaking atmosphere. They symbolize legacies from all over the world, which approach the Jewish Museum Berlin, are kept in the academy and made accessible for the general public. The interspaces also represent a connection to a former flower wholesale market. To the premises belong open access libraries including reading room and archive, a student’s class room, various seminar rooms, the garden of the diaspora as well as the education department and a department for the academy programs. The garden of the diaspora serves as an oasis of calm which is the center of the building.

Besides the glass for the entrance area, Thiele Glas also delivered partitions between library and archive. All over 285 square meters glass were installed, among sound insulation glass TG-THERM®phon as well as thermal insulation glass TG-THERM®plus, consisting of TG-ESG®-H and TG-PROTECT®-TVG. In addition, alarm systems (TG-ALARM) were used for the project. The maximum dimensions are up to 4,319 x 3,038 mm.

Object Name: Academy of the Jewish Museum Berlin
Object Type:
  • education buildings
  • museum building
Construction Type:
  • new building
Construction Time: 2011 - 2012
Client: Jüdisches Museum Berlin
Architect: STUDIO LIBESKIND, Zürich
Executing Company: FLZ Stahl- und Metallbau Lauterbach GmbH
Glass Types:
  • TG-THERM®plus
  • TG-THERM®phon
  • TG-ESG®
Glass Amount: 285 m²
Glass Panes: 107 panes
Dimensions: up to 4,319 × 3,038 mm
Image Rights: © Patrick Voigt

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