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Bullet-resistance of Thiele Glas laminated safety glass certified for an unlimited period

Only a handful of German companies are approved to produce bullet-proof glazing. Thiele Glas has been part of this for several years. Now, this certification was not only extended, but rather warranted by the administrative office for bullet-proof glazing in Ulm.

Thus, for the following VSG types the bullet-resistance is confirmed for an unlimited time.
*S = splintering | NS = splinter-free

BR 1BR 1
BR 2BR 2
BR 3BR 3
BR 4BR 4
BR 5BR 5
BR 6BR 6
BR 7BR 7
SG 1SG 1
SG 2...

Bullet-proof glazing is especially popular in public or private buildings, where personal protection is a major concern. With laminated safety glass a similar bullet protection can be provided, such as for example with a concrete wall, but without impairing the field of vision. The multiple safety glazing can also be further processed, for example, into insulating glass (see sample photo - construction with low-iron glass to avoid discoloration and fogging).

Please contact us and we discuss how we still can make your buildings even safer without restricting your field of view.